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Maybe it has to do with Rytm’s ‘Prog ch in Ch’, mine now is on ‘Auto’. Is set on ‘Auto’ on Octatrack too.


Rytm PC send/receive auto setting uses the “auto channel” that is set for the Rytm. Since the OT is super weird and loves to confuse, it’s auto setting for PC send does not mean it uses OT’s “auto channel” setting but rather the first MIDI channel used by the audio tracks, and not used by any of the MIDI tracks…

Try setting both to a specific channel instead of auto… There’s other combinations that will work but that’s the most straightforward…


Thank you, this did the trick ! I’ve set both machines on Ch 16 instead of Auto :smiley:


More noobies :slight_smile:

I’m using the Octa to sequence my synths. Is it possible to change the synth bank / program sending program changes from the Octa ? For instance a Moog Voyager and a Rev2. My aim here is to move the synth to the correct patch when i start to play a song on the Octa, without have to change it manually in the synth itself.


In Midi Note Setup you can set a Prog Change and a Bank message (Control Change 0).

Check if you synths need CC0, CC32, both…for bank changes.
With CC32 it’s getting more complicated.

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Thank you, will check it !

What a place ! Are you going to live there forever ? :smiley:



Suppose i’m on song mode and i want to ‘freeze’ the current pattern, keeping it playing for more repeats that it was supposed to play in the arranger. Is this possible ? My aim is to have room for improvisation in a live situation.


Long thread I’ve only just started to glance over. But the thing with getting samples in from outside your set: you can go into file manager and copy and paste from another set into your current one.

Apologies if already suggested :okej:

Oh and you can copy whole folders of samples across too. I have had errors doing that though. (When it’s been a large folder. ) It may depend on performance of the card?


When in arranger mode ([FUNC]+ARR in mk2 - this is song mode?) and arranger plays row with pattern you want to jam over - simply go out of arranger mode ([FUNC]+ARR again) and you are now looping one pattern. You can then back again to arranger to play rest. And back again and jam again.


Niceeee ! Thank you !


With Arranger, you can also set loops with one or several patterns, jump to another loop with arrows, write reminders to know what is your loop.
So you can keep control while in Arranger mode.


This forum really rules ! I don’t remember another gear which i got so kind help from the community. I have the Octa only for 3 months and with the help of you guys i’m really getting close to my goal with it, that is replace (whenever possible) the DAW from the creative process of music creation. In the future i want also to use Octa + Rytm + some synths to a live act, maybe next year.

So this message is only to thank everybody that helped me so far but keep calm, i’ll be back soon with more questions :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know this.
Sometimes the need to be part of :3lektron: community is so strong that blocks me from trials and turning the knobs first :ecstatic:
Sometimes I am so happy seeing unanswered question that is so basic I hustle my fingers on keyboard :happy:


still helpful to RTF(riendly)M though


Yesterday I found there is also option to Reload saved arrangement (if you are jamming all over and are making changes in it all the time freely) without stopping sequencer/audio*.

*Need more tests today: let’s say I saved 10 row long arrangement, then I add 5 rows more and while playing 15th row I call arrangement to Reload.


Heh, sequencer simply plays to the end of current row/pattern and gently ends.



Some questions popped tonight while i was playing around with my Octa :

  • In arranger mode, is there a way to see the current / total time arrangement IN MINUTES ?

  • In chromatic mode, is there a way to lock the notes into a specific scale ? If not, this would be a nice feature…

  • When i’m playing a pattern with 64 steps, is there a way to ‘follow’ the ‘cursor’ position, ie, if i’m in pattern 1:4 and start to play the song, i want when the 1:4 finishes, automatically 2:4 becomes the active pattern, without having to select it on Page button.


1 No
2 Yes with Midi Tracks Only - Basic major / minor scales, root key note, hence modes doable.
3 No


Too small for parties. :slight_smile:


Now here is hard one : is there a way to trigger the ‘fill’ button of the Rytm using the Octa ? The Rytm has a ‘Fill’ button where can set the ‘fill’ conditional trigger when i press it. Because all my sequencing is been done on the Octa, i’d like to have a way to start the fill on the Rytm by a pattern trig on the Octa.

Impossible ? Possible ? How ? :smiley:


Not to my knowledge.

But if you’re sequencing on the OT why not use its fill?