Noob questions


Nope. But since you are talking about a midi track: why not send it to some device which can actually display incoming notes (like a laptop, iPad, whatever)?


Sure i can do this. But it will add extra gear, would be a great feature if the Octa could do this by itself. But i think there are a lot of ‘great features’ people would suggest… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m trying to use a compressor as a limiter, on Master channel. I don’t know what i messed up, but no matter what setting i use on the compressor (mix on max, thrs on min, ratio on max), it seems there is no effect on the audio out. What could i be missing ?


Just set the Mix to 127, dial in some ratio and lower the threshold (turn counterclockwise) and you should hear the gain reduction.

Doesn’t work? Maybe you got a scene active that’s locking mix to 0? Or p-locks on all trigs?

Edit; Are your tracks routed through the main out? Tracks that are going through cue outputs aren’t going through the master track (at least thats the case in studio mode, not sure about normal mode, I’m always running studio mode).


Thanks, i’m still investigating… will post here when i found out what happened.


About swing, i never used it on the Octatrack…

I’m wonder if is there a way to do this : let’s say i put notes in a midi track, only on odd steps (1-3-5-7 …) so i’m doing a kind of arpeggio. It’s sounding nice but very ‘robotic’. I know i can microtime each step, but is there a way to apply an automatic ‘swing’ to the entire pattern, so the notes will play slightly microtimed ?

I tried Func + Bank and increase the Swing TRS to 80, but i hear no difference.


I’m always using microtiming on my midi tracks, but I love the OT’s swing on audio tracks.
Usually I have 4 or 5 tracks in the OT dedicated to drums and I’ll often use some subtle swing (52-54%).

So I never used swing in midi tracks, I’m sure it’ll work, though.
Maybe you have trigs only set to steps that don’t get affected by swing?
See the green leds? Only those steps will have swing. You can change them by hand, but by default only odd steps are swung.

If you want to do a little test, use a percussive synth patch, put trigs on all steps and turn up the swing :slight_smile:


Nice, it worked now ! What was missing is to select the steps i’d like to apply the swing ! :smiley:


A really useful feature (and hopefully simple to implement) would be an fast way (without using the arranger) to loop a specific page inside a pattern, for instance, loop 3:4 or 4:4. It may sound foolish, but everytime i want to tweak only the 4:4 page i need to hear the entire pattern again … when you think you need to do this ten times in a pattern, a lot of time is lost just waiting the entire pattern play again to reach the page you want to hear…


The OT is the only Elektron machine which already can do that when you utilize the arranger (playing/looping part of a pattern). The manual explains how.


IIRC Machinedrum and Monomachine also can do this in song mode, both have pattern offset and length. :slight_smile:


Sorry, i forgot to mention, i know this can be done in the arranger. I’d like a faster way to do it, without having to go into the arranger.




So let’s say i’m playing live. The OT is the brain of my setup, controlling a lot of stuff. I’m on a pattern that has 4 pages. But i want to create some mood by repeating looping the 1:4 page for a while. I know a can click Func + Page and decrease the pattern size to 16. But as soon as i do this, the pattern will restart it self and loose sync with all the rest of the gear. Is there a way to decrease the pattern size but only affect in the next bar, so all gear will keep in sync ?


Now a really noob one : why is step 16 blinking like crazy ? :thinking:


Just fill trig condition! :slight_smile:
All the steps that you want to silence (in this case all steps on pages 1-3) have to have the „no fill“ condition and the last page has to be set to fill.
Then activate the fill wherever you want.

Press [Down]+[Page] to activate for one cycle, becomes active after the pattern has looped, press [Up]+[Page] to activate temporarly and press [Up]+[Down]+[Page] to latch fill. [Up]+[Page] to unlatch.

About the blinking step, I have an Mk1 so the leds are different, but maybe you have an armed one shot trig there?


Thanks, that’s a really good idea if i the steps don’t use trig conditions, but in my case, the i usually always use trig conditions in the page 4:4 to vary a synth / bassline notes, usually on the second time the pattern plays… so unless i could put than one trig condition in the same step, i think this won’t work in my case : /


Dunno how you have your gear and OT connected, how many midi tracks you use and if you use thru machines etc, but if possible you could resample 16 steps (or whatever section you’d want to loop) with a recording trig and playback that recording, then have the crossfader ‘morph‘ to the recording and back to the live sequencing.
Very easy to do if you use the master track on T8.

Just look up ‘Octatrack transition trick‘ if you need a tutorial on how to setup and use this technique :slight_smile:


That’s an option, thanks ! Sometimes i forgot the Octa primary function is actually… a sampler :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m new to octatrack, need some advice on how to go about this.

This is what I’m trying to do… I have a drum tracked all programed in my octatrak, now I’m wanting to record a guitar part… basically it’s just C5 chord, chugging away… what would be the best way to go about this to have it play back as a sample. Should I just record one strum on the C5 chord or multiple strums? and then sample them back with the octatrack… any advice would be great…