Noob questions


I honestly don’t understand why you can’t just mute/unmute it with your hands like a human being WITH ARMS AND STUFF

Or are you going to be too busy playing a synth or something?


It really got confuse :smiley:

Just to clarify, i do all the sequencing on the Octa and the Rytm receives program changes from the Octa. By doing so, i don’t need to use the Rytm song mode, only the Octa’s song mode. And the track i’d like to unmute on 3:4 are in Rytm, not Octa.

I’ll do the manual strategy, will be simpler.


I’ll have a Little Phatty to solo / improvise during the live, so i’d like to keep hands free for the LP. But anyway, i think won’t hurt if i do some mute / unmuting stuff too :stuck_out_tongue:


You can mute AR tracks with midi messages AFAIK.


For some reason I thought you were using OT midi tracks to sequence AR, I thought you said that at one point. Basically if you are using OT midi tracks to sequence AR you can automate the mutes using OT song mode( which is actually called the Arranger). You can make it so when it reaches whatever pattern they are muted and then on the next line you can play the same pattern but have them unmuted.

If you are using ARs sequencer in that case you can use OT midi tracks to send a mute CC on step one and then an unmute CC at step 33, and have the midi track(s) set to X1/2 tempo multiplier which means it will run at half speed and get your desired results… If you want to do this or there’s a bit more info but I don’t want to write it out unless your gonna use it. :slight_smile:


Ok, now a real noob question : I have a track with a sliced sample. In pattern some steps plays different slices. Let’s say i want to hear what will play in step 60. Is there a way to hear this step directly, without having to hear all the bars prior to it ? I’d like to just hold the step and hit play to hear it.


Nope. But you can see what slice is there on the p lock (let’s say it’s slice 12) and then in the playback you can change the sample start to slice 12 and preview it that way.


There is a workaround: With the arranger you can program the playback of a section of a pattern. Details can be found in the manual.

This is especially useful when you are working on, let’s say, page 3/4 and want to listen only to that page. For a single note it’s IMHO too much effort.


Yep, i know this feature. But even for listen a specific page i tend to wait until all previous pages play instead of messing with the arranger just for this.

A lot of simple improvements like this could make the Octa even better. Hey Elektron, let’s make it happen, just hire me and i’ll do the magic :stuck_out_tongue:


@disco if I was doing what you are trying to do I would do it this way, maybe it will help you change the way you think about your workflow.

I have a sliced up sample on track 3. I have a 64 step sequence, I want to place different slices of this sample on steps 1, 17, 33, 49 and 60, like you said. To start with I will play the track manually/chromatically, however you want, but I would not be sequencing yet.

So I hit play and all the other tracks play their pattern as expected. I am playing the slices on track 3 by hand and changing the slice to the one I want to hear as the pattern loops, essentially finding the sound I want to p lock for whatever step I want to start with. So once I find the slice I want for trig 60, I enter grid mode, place a trig on 60, lock that slice. Repeat for trig 1, 17, 33, 49.

Nothing revolutionary by any means, I assume most users work this way, but the point is you are leaving your preview to be played manually (like @GirTheRobot suggested) and then plocking after you find your melody, rythm, whatever you are looking for. As opposed to plocking first and waiting to hear it.

This isn’t necessarily how I work though, my goal most often when sequencing is to try to touch the trig keys as little as possible.


So i’m mounting a live set using the Octa. Because i’ll use a Rytm too and it receives program changes from the Octa, i’m limited to 8 banks only and because this i’m doing one song per 8 patterns so i can have 16 songs. Basically my arranger mode will look like this :

1th song A1-A8
2nd song A9-A16
3rd song B1-B8

And so on. By doing so i’ll have an entire live with 16 songs, ready to play and this let me free to some improvisation, knob tweaking and synth playing while the arranger plays.

All of this works well, but when i need to change the song order i have a lot of work to reorder all patterns in the arranger mode… specially on the fly, during the live ; let’s say i want to play the third song before the second. Is there an easier way, maybe a way to ‘group’ patterns in songs ? Like this :

Song 1 - Pattern A1-A8
Song 2 - Pattern A9-A16

And so on ?


Your second example of patterns in banks seems to be the same as the first.

Remember that the Arranger only has space for 8 Arrangements in each project. You may have to put two songs in each Arrangement.

Remember that you can, on the fly, choose any Arrangement to play automatically (“Chain”) after the currently-playing Arrangement.


Manual switching patterns is pretty easy, especially if most of them are in order. Beyond that, it’s the Arranger, it can arrange your patterns in any way you wish… :slight_smile:

For reference or perspective, I play guitar, keys, theremin, and sing while also manually switching patterns on both AR and OT, live tweaking everything, manually controlling sampling and sample playback of all the instruments, and live mixing everything… :smile: ya gotta just go like you got Octapuss arms… :smiley:


I am looking for a theremin-type midi device, So far I only know of the zeppelin one (looks cool to me). What do you have?


Moog Theremini… Has one CV out and can output midi…


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