Noob questions


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Just mute and unmute it manually…


Yep, that’s an option :slight_smile:


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Got a quick noob question. I’m trying that wavetable thing for the science lab and I can’t get the start time to be modulated. When I move the start time in the audio editor the timbre changes and it sounds cool, but moving it in the playback does nothing, sending an lfo to it does nothing, setting it to a different start on scene b does nothing. It’s a static machine but I tried in a flex and nothing happened. I played with all the playback setup parameters and they didn’t make a difference.
Whats going on here?


Also while I’m at it: How come playing in chromatic mode it doesn’t seem to care what I say the pitch of the sample is? So for instance let’s say I have a bass note and it’s a C, that means step 1 will be a C. But if I pitch it up 2 semitones to D, instead of step 1 sounding like a D it still sounds like a C, as if I had never pitched it in the first place!


Chromatic mode is a hack of the pitch parameter (most evident if you record using chromatic mode and then look at the parameter locks of your recorded trigs); you can’t use the parameter to set an initial tuning. It’s unfortunate, but you can get around it by resampling.


Wowee okay. Guess that makes sense


Ok, i researched and it seem there is no way to do what i want, so i’ll workaround by unmuting tracks manually.

Anyway, i think that’s a great suggestion for future updates : instead of only allowing you to conditional trig 3:4, allow something like FROM 3:4 on. The trig would start on 3:4 and keep playing in next patterns.

With this feature basically would be possible to use only one pattern to emulate many more.


@sezare56, disco says OT can’t do something… :joy:
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I would just use more patterns in one bank and remember bank (X) is one song and the rest are two, then you don’t have to manually mute… I wouldn’t give up on TRC or or other techniques though, there might be a way!

Arranger can automate mutes… In case that helps… More coffee than maybe I can think TRC… :slight_smile: :coffee:


I never say “can’t” about Octatrack… :smile:


Then use a second midi track that has a conditional trig 3:4 that unmutes your track via a midi loopback, maybe?


I gave up with OT, I have a PO33, much simpler. :smile:


Yeah, let’s change the interpretation of “Noob questions” to mean questions that noobs have to answer… :grin: OT hasn’t destroyed their brains yet… :joy:


Sounds interesting, can you explain more how can i do that ?


Actually i asked about the Octatrack, but the track i need to mute is on the Rytm. I was hoping that once i knew how to do on the Octa, i could do it on the Rytm too :stuck_out_tongue:


In that case AR song mode can automate mutes as well…
I realize now why my brain is destroyed and I really don’t want to think about TRC…
I’m sick with a cold or something… Pray for me nauts, I feel like like schmeg… :cold_sweat: :upside_down_face:


That’s would be useful, but i’m using only the Octa’s song mode, so i don’t need to sequence the song in two places. The song is sequenced in Octa and Rytm is slaved following Octa’s program changes.


If you scroll up you asked about OT so I said arranger can automate mutes… Then you said it was for rytm and I said song mode can automate mutes… Now you say it’s for OT…
Arranger (OT song mode) can automate mutes, including midi tracks… :smile: