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Sure, I wasn’t giving advice with that statement I just said “theoretically you never have to save”, not you shouldn’t save… Which is true, you can never do a “save project” and you won’t loose any data. And then your post pretty much sums up the rest of my post that you didn’t quote… :slight_smile:

And the lfo sheet files section link does work at least for me, after you click on the link there’s a little download icon you have to click to get to the pdf…


Yep… When you save as new, save afterword! :smiley:
After you load a different project, reload the project! :smiley:
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Oh, sorry, I just wanted to give some real-world examples of :elot: :slight_smile:


Yeah I download files every once in while from the files section but for this file it doesn’t seem to work here. Go figure, no big deal


Let’s say i have a sample playing on T1. This sample is 64 steps long (4 bars). I want the sample to play only on the first 3 bars, so i put a p-lock on 4:4 step 1, turning the volume to zero, so in this step the sample will stop playing.

Nice, it works as i wanted. BUT because the plock turned the volume to zero, when the next pattern starts to play, the sample volume would be at zero, so not playing anymore unless i put a p-lock on the next pattern step 1 resetting the volume.

Any other way to do this without messing with the volume ? For instance, in a midi track i can put a p-lock with the velocity zero, but i don’t know other way in an audio track.


You can set sample length with AMP > HOLD.
Values in steps. 3 bars = 48 steps.
Short Release.


That’s smart ! But what else if i want different lengths in different patterns ? Any workaround besides the p-lock volume trick ?


Next step after plock VOL - 63 is default value, not the last plocked value.


Using a plock on vol shouldn’t affect the next regular trig from playing the vol set on the amp page, unless I’m missing something… :thinking:
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Plock a different length?


On the next pattern do you have a trig on step one, or are you wanting a sample that’s playing silently in the background to appear again?
Need more details…


Quick question: is there a quick way to reset a single track to default settings and clear its buffer/assigned sample?

I’m often re-using a track for resampling and would like to quickly normal it before putting down playback trigs.


You can copy / paste a blank track, or clear the 5 parameter pages with [Hold page button + Play].


I use the Octa as master in a setup that includes Digitone and Rytm. Both Digitone and Rytm receives program changes from the Octa and this is wonderful because i can program the song sequence only in the Octa. So when octa is on A1, other machines are on A1, when Octa goes to A2, others machines go too.

BUT, sometimes (specially when changing to a new song), i want to ignore the auto program change feature. For instance, there is a moment i want when to Octa goes to A3, i want the Rytm goes to A10.

Is this possible ?


Not directly, you can turn the sync menu PC send off for a moment… You could copy OT/DN A3 to A10, or if your already using OT/DN A10 copy both OT/DN A3 and AR A10 to another matching pattern number. For organization I’d probably use a different bank for another song and copy/paste them there…

Probably more ways using the midi tracks or a midi processor, but they’d probably be weird and confusing, I’d just copy/paste.


Not really a noob question, but anyway here it goes…

I’m creating a live set with Octa as master and Rytm as slave, among other toys. The set will have 16 songs and because Rytm has only 8 banks, i need to put 2 songs per bank, as recommended here (1 song on pattern 1-8 and other on 9-16). By doing so i don’t need any workarounds to do my live set (crossfader trick no needed).

So far i’m getting there but sometimes 8 patterns are not enough, so i’m trying to use conditional trigs to workaround this limitation.

And often i’m facing this same problem. Let’s say i have two 64 step patterns, each running two times on the song mode. The only difference of the second pattern is, when it starts, there is a new element added, let’s say on audio track 4. My goal is to squeeze these two patterns in only one, as they are almost identical except for the T4 element of the second pattern. By doing so the song keeps the same, but i gain one more pattern to work on.

Here is what i tried to do in order to achieve this :

1 - All trigs of T4 have PRE condition.
2 - I create a trigless trig on the step 1 with the condition 3:4.
3 - By doing this, the T4 trigs will play only on the 3:4 and that’s fine. BUT i want they to play on 4:4 too, so the ‘squeeze’ would be perfect : now i’d have only one pattern when before i needed two. But i could not succeed, T4 will play on 3:4 but not on 4:4. I tried to put another trigless trig after the first one with the condition 4:4, but now T4 will play on T4 instead of T3.

Seems i’m on a dead end. Any solution for this dilema ?

Thanks :smiley:


Before I think about that? (which I don’t think I have brain power left to do that today. :joy:) How many songs do you have for the set, 16?
If any less you can just use more than 8 patterns and move into the 9-16 for that bank, if you have empty patterns left in the bank just don’t worry about it. Copy/paste patterns and make slight changes if you need. Sometimes it’s easiest just to go uber simple and not worry about maxing out everything…


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