Noob questions


So i’m trying to include piano on my DAWless rig. The time i used Ableton i had a lot of VST options, now i’m trying to find a solution not laptop based. And i’m wondering : is it possible to use the Octa as a piano plugin ? Maybe putting a giant WAV with piano samples and use a controller to play each note ? How this could be achieved ?


Very complicated.
By default, no multisample, no velocity, no polyphony. Even playing a monophonic sliced piano, you need an external midi processor to send Slice Control Change and a specific note, but there’s a 17ms (minimum) latency needed to make it work. Technically possible to use OT slices with polyphony, still with midi processing.

17 ms is too much for me.

Still with midi processing, you can eliminate that latency using crossfader Control Change, with slice assignments, but it means one track only. You can assign CC VOL to velocity, but without multisamples it won’t be realistic anyway.

So I think the most efficient would be an akai like sampler. I had pretty good results with my MPC 500 and a Rhodes piano multisampled kit.


I’d agree with @sezare56 and say that it’s not the Octatrack’s strong point; and get something more capable for the task.

A second hand MPC-500 (or even a 1000) can be had pretty cheap; and will quite easily do that level of multi-sampling; polyphony; better midi sequencing etc.


Ok, i’ll give the Octa some rest in this case. Maybe buying a cheap piano module, like the Kurzweil Me1.

Anyway, thanks again ! :smiley:


@cuckoomusic uses a BeatSqueezer to do this in a pretty small size.


I think with some setup it can handle three-level multisamples across 128 notes and 16-note polyphony.


Yeah that BeatSqueezer seems perfect for piano samples and much more !


I’m trying to do a program change from the Octatrack to an Ob6. My goal is when i load a project on the Octa, it automatically changes the Ob6’s preset to 300. Can the Octa do that ?


You need to send a bank message to the OB6.
Check what it needs, it can be CC0, CC32, both…
CC0 is OT default bank message. CC32 or CC0 + CC32 is much more complicated (to be polite), but doable.


And then if you want it to be there when you open a project save the project with that part selected.


So if i want to backup all my Octatrack, i just need to go to USB mode and copy all files in the SD card to a safe place ? If i move to another Octa, just paste the files to the new SD card and it’s done ?


CF card :wink:
I’d say yes, if the new card is formated, and if you don’t change folders…I never did it, but I used my card on another OT without problems.

Possible problems with different OS from what I read.
@rusty would answer you better than me.


Sets are self contained… but beware illegal characters.

Yes. Everything within the [SET] folder.

Yes. Everything within the [SET] folder. Then you can just mount the Set, and load a Project.


Thank you guys ! And yes, CF card, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

So far after 7 months, i can say i really LOVE my Octa. I’m so happy i bought it, it’s changing the way i make music for a lot better way !

Thank you Elekron :smiley:


I’m trying to create a really slow sine LFO : my goal is to use this LFO to send midi CC to slowly open the cutoff of a synth during 8 bars (128 steps). Somehow it’s not working, the LFO ends up opening a lot faster than i want. Is it possible to do that ?


LFO Multiplier in the Setup?


I could not find a combination of values that does a uniform opening during 128 steps ; i tried different values in Mult and SPD but all end up opening too fast… i’m missing something :thinking:


With default value, speed 32 x1, lfo cycle length is 4 bars. Speed 16x1 > 8 bars.


About FX. The Octa has 2 FX slots. I’m trying to use a Reverb and a Delay on the same track, but could not do it… Both delay and reverb (plate, spring and dark) are on FX2. This means i can’t insert a Delay in one FX slot and a Reverb in another ?


Nope. You can use a Neighbor track, Master track, resampling, but you need 2 tracks.

With rec trigs recording Cue you can make a delay with feedback and add reverb on only 1 track. Not easy.


Delay and Reverb (Plate, Spring and Dark) can only be used on the second FX slot of each track.