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Thank you very much Sezare (again) :slight_smile:

I don’t know what would be ‘well recorded’ in this case, could you explain ?

What i’m doing is simply sampling acapellas. Let’s say i sampled an acapella that last 4 bars long. I could measure (using a TAP button) the acapella’s bpm is around 128, my project is 118 bpm, for instance.

I recorded the acapella exactly for 4-bars long (in original tempo), but even so, the Octa is not time-stretching it correctly to my project, i need to make the adjustments as i talked above.

What am i missing ? :smiley:


That’s what I meant by well recorded.

So what are Attributes Tempo and Length values after recording?


Here is an example , i sampled this Queen acapella :slight_smile:

I used the T1 + REC2 to sample the C+D output. I came across these issues :

1 - The sample recording stopped without i have pressed STOP, so it stopped before the part i’d like to sample ends… how to make the sample time ‘infinite’ until i press STOP ?

2 - Here is what the attributes screen shows :

Now if i play the sample in the first trig, it’s completely out of sync. I have to manually adjust the ‘Original tempo’ to then the sample syncs.


Well i think i figured out what’s happening on the question 2… when i sample, actually the sample length have silent in the beginning and end ; i need to crop it so it have exactly 4 bars, right ?

Remains the question 1 :slight_smile:

  1. Check Memory settings > Reserve Length
    Default is 16s, which is 8 bars at 120 bpm.

You can increase it, set it to None or use Dynamic Recorders = Yes (no limits, except RAM).


Did you use FIN / FOUT ?
I’d use it with Pickups overdub only, not even sure, crap fade curves.

New project or new bank if not sure, use default Rec Setup 2 setting in that case.


Actually i don’t know what is ‘FIN / FOUT’… i’m sampling plugging the output of my Mac into the inputs C/D of the Octa. Then when i want to sample, i simply press T1 + REC, then press play on Mac. Any other way to the Octa listen to the input and only start recording when there is an incoming signal ?


Hi All,

New here :slight_smile: Just bought an Octatrack MkII, had it for 3 days, what an amazing machine.

I have a noob question & hope this is the right thread to ask it in.

I have a project that I have been playing with trying to learn my way around. I switched into Arrange Mode, just being curious & then exited, but one of my sample tracks (flex machine) became corrupted/broke. Not really sure what happened, too new to problem solve it properly yet - LOL. My question is, is this a known behaviour/bug or did I maybe do some other weird thing & not notice?

MTIA :slight_smile:


More information required! :smiley:

What broke? How did it break? Did you lose/overwrite the sample in there by mistake? Did the problem go away again?


I’m not really sure what happened - LOL. No it didn’t go away again, I ended up reloading the project. The sample turned into a click, so not sure if it became truncated or what really happened. It was a long sample, sliced & I was playing a single slice with a parameter lock. If this isn’t known behaviour/bug, then I probably did something (you know what it’s like when you are learning something new & complex!).

Thanks :slight_smile:


It isn’t known to me (FWIW) :smiley: Yes I totally understand how it is when you’re learning something new and complex. I’ve had my OT for … a year? now? and I feel a lot more comfortable with it, but I’m still ignoring big sections of its features.

Something that kept tripping me up was recorder triggers, especially one-shot recorder triggers, and having them auto-arm when STOP is pressed twice. I disabled that feature because I kept overwriting recordings that I liked, so now I always manually arm tracks for recording with Track + YES.

GLHF XD :musical_note:


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind :smile:


As you talked about silence I thought about Rec Setup 2 Fade IN / Fade OUT. Check those settings.

No. (I can do it with MD trig in + OT but it is complicated).


Another Noob question. I have done a search but cannot find anything. Is there a reference table anywhere showing the states of switches/colours & what they mean? There is so much info to take in when starting to learn this beast that it would be really handy to have a simple table or graphic.

Thanks :smile:


Good idea, make one! :slight_smile:
Search “red”, “green”, “yellow” in the pdf manual and make a table. :+1:


Plz post a pic when you make it <3



Good job, but several mistakes. I can edit it if you wish.


Sure, shall I upload spreadsheet here or PM you? :smile:


So after some months everything is coming to life ! I’m starting to getting my ideas flowing into the Elektron’s workflow and managing to make… MUSIC after all. Thanks everybody for the kind help, specially @sezare56, you guys rock !

Here is a little jam with all my setup, including Octa, Rytm and Digitone. Everything is being sequenced by Elektron hardware, no DAW involved. There is also a Moog Voyager playing the bass but not shown in the video :stuck_out_tongue: