Noob questions


That’s crazy because these (delay and reverb) is the most common effects, to add space and tail to sounds. I wonder why the designs of Octa decided to not make both available to a track…


Possible explanation : Delay and reverb are more processor demanding. This avoids too much processor use, if you use 16 delay/reverbs for example. A limited number of delays / reverbs would have been better…


Since i’ve got my Octa i’ve noticed some freeze episodes. The machine stops to respond and i need to power cycle it to solve. In the last week this happened twice and now it happened again, like i’m showing in the video below. I’m running the last OS and my project has only 1 sample ; the rest is all about midi sequencing external synths. What can i do find out what is causing the issue and hopefully avoid it ? Freezes in the studio is not so bad, just reboot the machine, but think about a live situation…


Possibly caused by what’s going in midi in, depending on your setup.
Too much incoming midi data, midi feedback…
On is safer.


I’d say there is a lot Midi going OUT actually because the Octa is sequencing 5 external gear. But Midi IN only a keyboard controller. CC DIRECT CONNECT was On, i turned off and will observe if it makes difference in future freezings.


And they are also more processor intensive then other effects; hence why you see lots of machines that only have one or the other available at any point in time.


Can I send out the trigs (Notes/CCs) on non-MIDI tracks over MIDI?


Unfortunately no. With audio tracks you can send CCs with knobs, buttons, Notes with trigs in chromatic mode, but not with the sequencer.


So after some time i was starting to consider myself not so noob anymore but now i’m having one of those ‘confused travolta’ moments again…

I have an audio track with a loaded sample. But somehow the sequencer trigger is not playing the sample. I’ve checked : the channel is not muted, i deleted any FX on the track, the amp volume is on a reasonable level… what else can i check ?

I loaded another project to test and there is no audio coming out of any audio track. This happened after my Octa freeze yesterday. The track shows the playing icon, but no audio.


Solved after a power off / on… I have no clue what happened, seems some kind of bug. Weird things happening lately :confounded:


OS Version?




Happened again now… is my Octa lazy today ?


Or is it the user? :thinking:

It might be that you may be doing something daft? Cued? Muted? Trig Conditons? Part? Scene?


Well i hope so, because i’m starting to worry my unit is failing…

Now even turning off and won’t bring the audio back always, sometimes i need to power cycle twice.

I noticed also no knobs are working in audio tracks, only midi tracks; i turn the Pitch knob, for instance, and nothing happens. The same knobs work as expected on Midi tracks.

Maybe should i hard reset my Octa ? Is there a way to do this ?


Can you replicate in a new project? If you’ve got facebook and want a private conversation you can ping me.

Power off. Power on holding [Function] to access the [Early Startup Menu]; then press [Trig 01] to reset.


Total cross-post, but for those browsing by thread: try adjusting your PROJ / MIDI / CONTROL / AUDIO CC OUT to INT or INT+EXT. @julien1 discovered this in this post.

I just tried setting mine to EXT, then power cycled, and I got no audio, and the knobs didn’t do anything in audio tracks (presumably because they’re not sending to INT any more, like I requested ;))

The no audio is a surprise side effect!


Well it turns out my config was indeed on Audio CC Out INT. When i changed to INT+EXT and power cycle, i got the audio and knobs back. So it seems a bug, not a defect on my unit , thanks God :smiley:


I hope you meant EXT. :sketchy:


I don’t remember now ; but it was in only one (INT or EXT), not both.