Noob questions


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Happened again now… is my Octa lazy today ?

Or is it the user? :thinking:

It might be that you may be doing something daft? Cued? Muted? Trig Conditons? Part? Scene?

Well i hope so, because i’m starting to worry my unit is failing…

Now even turning off and won’t bring the audio back always, sometimes i need to power cycle twice.

I noticed also no knobs are working in audio tracks, only midi tracks; i turn the Pitch knob, for instance, and nothing happens. The same knobs work as expected on Midi tracks.

Maybe should i hard reset my Octa ? Is there a way to do this ?

Can you replicate in a new project? If you’ve got facebook and want a private conversation you can ping me.

Power off. Power on holding [Function] to access the [Early Startup Menu]; then press [Trig 01] to reset.


Total cross-post, but for those browsing by thread: try adjusting your PROJ / MIDI / CONTROL / AUDIO CC OUT to INT or INT+EXT. @julien1 discovered this in this post.

I just tried setting mine to EXT, then power cycled, and I got no audio, and the knobs didn’t do anything in audio tracks (presumably because they’re not sending to INT any more, like I requested ;))

The no audio is a surprise side effect!


Well it turns out my config was indeed on Audio CC Out INT. When i changed to INT+EXT and power cycle, i got the audio and knobs back. So it seems a bug, not a defect on my unit , thanks God :smiley:


I hope you meant EXT. :sketchy:

I don’t remember now ; but it was in only one (INT or EXT), not both.

EXT :wink:

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This machine does not fail to make me feel miserable :joy:


Don’t worry, I think we all got that kind of moments several times. I also had the EXT > WTF, no moving knobs!

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I’m glad i could fix the no audio issue. But unfortunately the freeze issue keeps happening randomly ; it just happened now when i was just playing the song in Arr Mode.

Any ideas what to check ?

Saw this a topic about freezing, just disconnect the USB cable to test, will observe the next days if it makes difference.


Oct '17

USB caused mine to crash a lot until I removed the cable entirely. Only plug it in when needed now."


Check test mode and post results if they look skewy.

Else; backup the entire card to computer then reformat the card; and copy back. If you had corrupt sectors on the CF card, that could cause a File I/O exception which could manifest as a freeze due to handling within the Read operation.


I wish my OT had bugs sometimes…I’d have something besides me to blame :angry:

Ruined about 5 hours of work today because I made a stupid yet catastrophic mistake…started salvaging parts and actually, I like this jam too.

“Octatrack; the cause and solution to my musical frustrations”

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Coincidence or not, since i disconnected the USB cable i (knock on wood) don’t have any freeze episodes.

Anyway, i will do what you suggested if the problem happens again; i’m curious about this test mode, how can i run it ?

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Hold Function + power on, press trig 1.
After results, move the crossfader / buttons / knobs / trigs and watch the pretty lights. :slight_smile:

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Did this, everything showed Ok. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: