New Teenage Engineering products

Also, I think it would pair nicely with Digitone :thinking:

i would say that as it is it isnt a great sample mangler (in terms of resampling and so on) but there is some editing you can do on the samples themselves…

OT is still the king in that department

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not sure what you mean with compression size… care to elaborate?

Please move discussion to this dedicated thread, y’all!


Does it have any integration with the Op-1 field?

I like it but my main question is if there is support for polymeters?

sort of… you can record fader movements. and you set what the fader affects but tapping the fader button + a pad. so you can for instance automate the release of a sample by live recording the fader movement.

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How does the build quality feel, for its price ?


no, no integration with the field other then via the normal inputs and outputs

Lol would be funny if people seriously start complaining that its too cheap now


i think its pretty good… its for sure plastic, but it feels sturdy. the fader is less wobbly then on my Mutable instruments Stages, so that´s something :slight_smile:

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Absolutely amazing work by TE. Love the design, function and price.

Major win


big time

their site’s crashing tae fook

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…and the store is down. looks like this will fly off in thousands units. now Korg . . . what about that Kaoss Reply with 1000Eur mark ?

nice…but why is 299 dollars and 349 euro being a european company?

@MichaalHell Is it possible to resample with FX and other adjusted sample parameters?

Well, I have the impression that it is a very nice beginner-friendly sampler. For its price, it is worth it.