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Merry Xmas everybody


Thanks,Expandable memory or that’s it?

I’ve got a syntakt and minifreak. Do you think this would be a good option for adding sampling into the mix? Does it play well with other gear? I could see myself sequencing with either the syntakt or on the KOII.

A digitakt feels like overkill, but is obviously much nicer. I could probably get a used one for 500 or so.

I’ve also considered a volca sample, which is even more barebones than this.

Start it up!

At this price, how could I say no? :sweat_smile:

As always: everybody is laughing and makes jokes about the price. And half a year later, you can see the new TE device in so many setups. It happened so many times and the OP-1 field was the most extreme: “I´d never buy a toy for 2k … See my new setup. It´s based around the OP-1 field and it´s awesome!” :smile:

This is the first time I’ve seriously wanted to buy a teenage engineering product. 64mb of sample memory isn’t ideal on paper, but I think that’s exactly as much as my Digitakt has - and I rarely hit the memory limit. I’m sure that was a consideration in keeping the price down, as well.


There has been discussion of using the loop function to capture a snippet of a pattern and then resampling that loop onto an empty sample slot. It sounded like it was theoretically possible, but they needed to try it to see if it is actually doable

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How would you say it is as a sample mangler? Not slices but sound design, effects, etc. Plus can you resample to another pad?

as far as i know, 64mb is it… so you have to take it for what it is really.

Does it display the waveform?


It’s an extra £1000 to upgrade to 48khz


Any notable limitations on the polyphony?

yeah i think it could be a great device for that… its bare bones on the sequencing department, but you can have 99 patterns 99bars long in each project, so theres alot you can do.

You could for instance set one pad to send midi to Minifreak and have Minifreak be the midi keyboard for the EP. so you could make a little beat in Group A and have Group D pad 7 be a pattern for minifreak, live record a pattern on pad 7 from the minifreak and then have the EP send the recorded midi data back to Minifreak

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Would it be possible to compare the compression size to something like Digitakt for the same sample? Interested if it takes up the same amount of space or not.

Looks fun. It’s a cheap toy, but finally an interesting one and priced more like a toy. This reminds me of the OG OP-1, which was also a bit more fun and quirky.


Yay! I did it!

No idea how to cross post though!

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Thanks so much for the response! Don’t think anybody would have spent that much time answering in most other communities.


can it p-lock?