New Tascam Mixer / Multitrack Recorder


Tascam getting back to their roots a bit!

Onboard 24-track internal digital recorder.

The Model 24 is a powerful, versatile, hybrid mixer for both live and recording that integrates a full-featured 22-channel professional mixer, a 24-track internal digital recorder, and a 22 X 24 USB audio interface. Model 24 is perfect for performance, recording, or both simultaneously.


22 total input channels
16 mic preamps with 48V Phantom power
2 Hi-Z instrument inputs
20 balanced line inputs
Singe-knob compression


Best looking mixer I’ve seen in ages, not that that counts for much…


Small one pls tascam!


Anyone seen/tried/used one of these yet? I keep thinking about it. Lots of features that I think I’d like using, if it sounds good enough to record tracks standalone to the SD card without a computer to then mixdown in the DAW later. Would prefer something hands-on like this over a Qu-Pac, I think.


So kind of the same concept as the Soundcraft MTK series right? (albeit prettier)


You can’t use the Soundcraft as a standalone multi-track recorder.


Yeah, that’s the thing.

It looks like a bit like a bigger version of my Soundcraft EFX12 (onboard FX, sweepable midrange EQ etc) with a multitrack recorder built in. I like the simplicity of the EFX, but obviously it only mixes to stereo, and I don’t really like multitracking into a DAW any of the ways I’ve tried so far. I don’t like having the computer there at all when I’m writing/recording really, dealing with interface/latency/bandwidth issues etc. - but I do really like using plugins and effects when doing the mixdown.

There might be some other mixers like this out there that do a similar thing but I don’t remember seeing one that combines a proper project mixer feature set with an internal recorder - anyone have any suggestions? It does appeal to me. A slightly smaller/cheaper 16 track one with the same features would be even better.


This is a classy looking device but why oh why is there no midi I/O for sync? This is a terribly unfortunate trend in these stand alone units.

The 20 year old VS-840 had midi and SPDIF/ADAT I/O.


Yeah, I was surprised at no midi sync considering you can playback recorded tracks, and record new tracks alongside the playback, etc.


Tascam ditched the MIDI ports on their digital portastudios a few years ago, too. Odd choice. You might be able to get away with using a sync code like in the old days (routed out of an aux), but that’s a little too unnecessarily ‘like the old days’, if you ask me…


Off the top of my head the quick comparison would be the zoom live track l16. I do believe they have a similar feature set.


Thanks, I hadn’t seen that. It does seem to cover a lot of the same ground. I was going to say it doesn’t have the front panel EQ but then I clocked it was a common set of controls and you switch channels to adjust. The L20 looks even closer.