New octatrack Mk2 crashes

My new octatrack is misbehaving. After some time the machine just stops. No screen, no audio, no sequencing. The panel LEDs flicker orange. I have to reboot to bring it back. Has anyone see something like this before? Sure I can just send it back, but if someone knows this and has a fix it’d be easier.

This happened three times in the studio last night and the octa clearly cannot be used for a show.

There’s a link to a video below…:

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Unless it is not updated correctly then return it. A faulty unit is nothing, so better a couple days without then sudden crashes.


Yeah, I guess this is what I’ll be doing for sure

Was it connected via USB to a computer? There are some crash reports here on the forum when it was left with the USB cable attached. Removing the connection when not required will fix it.


I tested in a variety of setups with different connections and the problem always occurred. So it has to be something internal

Does it also occur without a CF card inserted? When you remove the CF card it will run in demo mode. Maybe its just a faulty CF card …

Also without the card inserted

Okay … then I guess you have covered all diagnostics you can do yourself and there isn’t a simple solution. Sorry to hear that.


I’d send it back too. Could be a hairline fracture in a trace so when it heats up, it crashes. Could be a barely connected connector. Could be all kinds of things but a tech is in order.

Fun little side story. We have an air quality monitor here (yes I like gadgets). Like many small electronics this runs on USB power. One day it would not boot up. It just froze. A long time ago I would have thrown it out but thanks to fixing up synths for a while i thought I would poke around. Turns out it was the little wallwart to USB adapter that was not giving the right voltage. That was it. We had a spare adapter around from an old phone. So, back in business for free.


I’m having the same issue with a brand new unit purchased direct. Did it happen regardless of the surface you had it on? What was the resolution for your situation?

It was happening regardless of the surface. I reported it to elektron and sent it back to the retailer for a refund. Elektron’s response was that several people had had faulty power supplies and this could be the cause. But I didn’t have another elektron supply to test the theory.

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Thank you for your quick response.

It’s not the PSU or the CF card. Waiting for further instructions. Frustrating since it crashes several times per session and there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it.

Curiously, my unit came with 1.31 D installed. Is that a newer version?

Ah wow I just posted here with the same issue yesterday. Brand new Mk2, same behavior, was able to verify that it was not a PSU issue because I connected it to my (working) digitone power supply and the issue persisted.

Hoping to exchange with the retailer for a working unit, but I’m bummed to see that other people are having the same issue. @cebec or @supercolliderp did you end up exchanging or returning?

I haven’t heard back from Elektron support in a couple of days since letting them know it wasn’t the PSU they sent. I know they are avoiding the office right now but have been pretty responsive in the meantime.
What version OS does your OT show when starting? It’d be a bummer to have to ship this back and wait for another one. Makes me wonder if they’re doing any burn-in on these before they leave the warehouse. Mine came direct from Sweden.
Gotta say, though, that I love the OT so far.

Unfortunately, they’ve asked that I send it in for a ‘repair’. 2.5 weeks old and it already needs warranty service. A new unit would be preferable, even one cross-shipped on my dime. 3 units reported here in the last 3 months with the same issue.

Wanted to update this thread in case anybody is watching with the same issue. I’ve run out of patience for Elektron’s U.S. support team. Communication has been fragmented and inconsistent, and broke off entirely a week ago after I asked about exchanging the unit (they wanted me to send it in for warranty repair originally). I’ve followed up twice since then with no response.

I want to be understanding given the current global situation, and the holiday weekend. But I did some research here and found stories of other people dealing with U.S. support and waiting 6 weeks or more to even get the ball rolling on exchanges, and completely opaque wait times on repairs.

I’ve decided that while I do really enjoy the Octatrack as an instrument, I don’t want to spend my money with a company that doesn’t seem too worried about what happens once their products leave the warehouse. I was lucky that I chose to buy from a retailer, so I can just return it to them for a refund, but people who buy directly don’t have that option. It’s really frustrating that a company selling high-end gear directly to consumers can have such a poor process to make things right when units with manufacturing defects end up getting sold.

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I’m in the same boat. I purchased mine brand new from Elektron in Sweden on March 15th and I still have a barely functioning unit. I feel the same way about the situation, and understand that things won’t be running as smoothly as before, but have had the same experience communication-wise. My last communication with US support ignored my previous request for a refund or exchange for a new unit, after agreeing to do it, and provided an RMA for a ‘repair’ instead, for which I am expected to pay for the shipment.
I’ve contacted Elektron directly through their contact form and am hoping for a positive resolution. I am really enjoying the OT and not ready to give up, but it’s been a month of this.

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Received a reply yesterday that they are setting up an exchange and will pay for shipping both ways (to/from Sweden rather than Los Angeles). They won’t ship until they have my unit in their hands, which is fine, of course. I’m glad this seems to be heading in the right direction now.


Still going back and forth with US support. Despite telling me an exchange was all set up and providing me with a label and RMA number, they hadn’t actually contacted HQ for authorization or permission and seemed unclear still about what I am requesting. I had to provide more documentation including the receipt and order confirmation. Hopefully it’s all resolved in the next week.

Good news! Refund approved and it’s on its way back to Sweden.
I immediately purchased a new one from a retailer in NY after checking in with them to see that they can safely fulfill the order.

Update 2:
Elektron followed up after the refund and all is well. Thanks! :space_invader: