New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


its so they can sit flush back to back


please let us know. i am for sure interested in the faders one for my rytm:)


this unit is supposed to sit flush below your elektron machine of choice


With so many controls, will any deckaver lid or the elektron PL lids work with these?


I believe so yes - sure I saw it written somewhere


the original ELEKTRON decksaver fits perfectly


So …
any chance of changes due to the RYTM MK2?

More space width wise :slight_smile:


Yes, again we bump into the form factor thing… the controllers will not be a match anymore, outdated before they even ship. I kinda feel sorry for faderfox


Not really outdated imo. More people will have the mk1 devices than mk2 for quite a while, I think.


It is no less usable now than it was before


The MX12 ticks all the boxes for me personally… great layout as always.

looking forward to the release.


the first prototype of my special stand for NEW MODULE



the set come with 3 parts which you can easely put together
and you can set it in 3 different angles


Can’t wait to use the fader one with my rytm! Please let us know when we can preorder:)


release and preorder of the first MX12 and PC12 lots is planned for august…please check my website in august…of course I will post here too


would like to buy an mx12 when they become available.

perfect to perform live controlling the Octatrack with.


I def want this can’t wait


I’m excited about the PC12.


I need this in my life… would definitely preferred all the plugs to be out the back… but cant have it all…
but not having to to use a USB to midi converter is nice…