New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


pre-order is august, but when would they actually ship? im guessing they wont be ready by early september when visiting in Berlin?


yep, finally a controller for the octatrack which isnt just some thing which almost kind of does the right thing…

amazes me that elektron didnt make something like this tho… seems crazy…



first lot is planned for august…currently I work on the last step: documentation and website


happy for those to come later :slight_smile:


is it cool to request purple buttons and led’s to replace the green ones, even though the green ones look cool already? :slight_smile:

hope all the work is going well … congrats on the magnificent concept




I quite fancy something like the MX12 for using with the OT, but if it had rotaries instead of pots, and extra encoders on the right hand side instead of the faders it might be better suited. Or actually, four faders on the left, four on the right, and a crossfader in the middle.


FINALLY…first lots of MX12 and PC12 are available by now…you find further informations on my website
thx for your patience

DIY MIDI Controller for Track Volume

Faderfox - Ive always admired your controllers and Im happy to see you around here. Youve made tons of great stuff over the years. Keep up the awesome work!


Going to look at your website now:)


Thanks for letting us know! I’m definitely buying this combo - do you have a graphic/pdf that shows the basic Rytm functionality in your midi config?


These look absolutely superb. Screw the MKIIs. Haha!


The PC12… To control omnisphere??
I’m quietly giggling here right now.


I think I would prefer led rotary knobs…
Never really understand these kinds of knobs and sliders
Especially for elektron
When playing, the values will not match the knob settings of the midi controller…

Or do I miss something? (I hope so)


led rotaries make sense when you get complete feedback data from the elektrons but this works currently only with octatrack afaik

Analog keys external knobby box

MX12 settings in setup 21 (ELEKTRON RYTM setups):
controls have same CC numbers in same row but different midi channels for each column.


  • row A: CC082 delay
  • row B: CC083 reverb


  • row C (gray): CC093 (toggle mode) track solo
  • row D (green): CC094 (toggle mode) track mute


  • CC007 volume

encoder :

  • encoder: CC025 reverb decay / channel 13

PC12 settings in setups 21 and [22] (ELEKTRON RYTM setups):
controls have same CC numbers in same row but different midi channels for each column.
(setup 22 as RYTM extension for MX12.)


  • row A: CC074 cutoff [CC074 cutoff]
  • row B: CC081 overdrive [CC075 resonance]
  • row C: CC082 delay [CC081 overdrive]
  • row D: CC083 reverb [CC080 decay]
  • row E: CC010 pan [CC031 sample volume]
  • row F: CC007 volume [CC016 synth volume]


  • row G (green): CC094 (toggle mode) track mute [CC092 scene / all buttons channel 01]


  • encoder: CC025 reverb decay / channel 13 [CC081 makeup gain / channel 13]


Thank you


Thinking right now that such controller would be really great to control a 6 operators FM synth :slight_smile:
Does your controller send SYSEX ?
E.g. to control Volca FM finer controls, you have to send SYSEX. Wonder how configurable is the PC12, or if I’ll need some translation between PC12 CC sends and Volca sysex input…


You’ll be wanting one of these for that: