New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


FC12 looks fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for, this is the one I will be going for.


Does anyone know when is the expected release date is for these units?

I will deffo buy at least one of the units, but would need to see them working first to see which suits me best :slight_smile:


I think he mentioned that it would funded in May/June… so probably completed late summer?


Any news on this?


I work hard on the prototypes…hope to have the first lots of MX12 and PC12 available in july / august


hi guys,
news from my controller project NEW MODULE:
hard- and software development is finished finally…now I have to work on documentation…


So many knobs! I love it!


take my money please


I take it this will work well with MD also?

Also, any news on the FC12? :slight_smile:


Looks amazing!


Do you post to Australia


Those are looking pretty slick. I could use some more external control, will check back…


sorry if this has been answered before, but will you be doing pre-orders? wouldn’t mind sending some money to be in the first batch to receive one


MD ?
FC12 or EC12 will come later…


of course I’ll ship worldwide



When can we pre order


I accept orders as soon as the devices will be available…I guess in august…
please check my website from time to time…I’ll make also a post here


Thanks for the response.

MD = Machinedrum


Thank you for the prompt reply.


Looks pretty cool, apart from the cable coming out of the side. That kills my interest stone dead I’m afraid.

On everything else in the studio, the cables come out the back, and to me putting them on the side would just mess everything up.