New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


hi guys,
I would like to inform you that I am working on a new controller system called NEW MODULE
which have same size as the ELEKTRON gear (ANALOG RYTM, OCTATRACK, ANALOG FOUR).

the first 3 devices have a 12-track-design which fits perfectly to the ANALOG RYTM
but you can control all other MIDI gear and software (DAW etc.) too.

there are 4 MIDI ports, USB and a extension port to connect a 2nd NEW MODULE.

with these devices you can built your own mix system easily.

you find all informations and sketches on my website:

Let me know your thougths about this new system.

Which device(s) you would prefer to order ?

I think I will start with the two most desired devices.

Prototypes will come asap…maybe first lot as KICKSTARTER.

please share the information…thx


Portable MIDI Mixer Controller for the Digitakt
Replacement Elektron encoder knobs

I like the fader one. Can never have too many faders.


Hi Mathias, lovely news! I was a big faderfox user (LD2 & LC2) up to 2011, when i switched from ableton to Octatrack for live performances. I’ve been eyeing SC4 for a while now, but not being able to scale or limit value ranges has kept me from making the plunge.
I’d love an OT controller in the style of LD2 but with LED rings and fully CC assignable , as well as value range programmable…
Make my dream come true…? : )

PS. EC12 is what i’d be interested in, but i’d prefer to have actual rings around the encoders instead of a contextual LED bar at the top of the module or rings above the encoders.


MX12 for me


Oh this is sweet!!

You do good work, Mathias, thank you!!

MX12 is the one that caught my eye. Faders are cool!!


I don’t find it too interesting. I am a fader fox fan and am eying the uc4 for use with rytm. The main turn off for the new controller is the size, as I do a lot of live shows and lugging around another box of elektron size just for controlling the devices is a little overkill, I’d bring another elektron box instead. I would much rather see an uc6, with 12 faders :slight_smile: , small form factor and compact, for that I could find a place in the setup.
Thanks for truly inspiring work, no offence ment by this.


I’m liking the idea of the MX12 as well… The fact that it occupies the same footprint as the other Elektrons would be a big selling point for me.


The MX12 looks interesting. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put all the I/O along the top instead of the side, so it could be placed along-side an Elektron on either side without the cables getting in the way?


I only took a cursory look and didn’t notice that the I/O were along right side. That’d kill its appeal to me. I’d rather they be on the back of the unit.


this looks super rad, the fader one would be really useful for the rytm. my only complaint with the rytm is the volume control for individual tracks.


The MX12 fader box is great.
Great form factor with ports on the side!

Will sell very well for RYTM owners!


Willl the PL lids work with these?

Could you elaborate a bit on how you have thought these controls to be used with the rytm? 12 faders is pretty self explanatory but how do you imagine the 36 knobs and the buttons to be used?

Your pricepoints seem reasonable if the build q is top notch


Yeah, it says so in the specs on site fwiw

Ports on the side make sense for putting the new module controller south of your Elektron and as close as possible - the flexible MIDI side is a must if you want to use more than two machines, but then you get bigger gaps east/west - out of my reach, but the Fader one looks the most useful and balanced


Hey Mathias,

Great news! I love the idea of MX12. Can`t wait to see the prototype.



Hi ,

This is a good news ! Personally my dream would be to have something close to a one knob per function interface for my A4. It is probably not possible because there are too many parameters.
But at least being able to control the osc lvl, the envelopes, the LFOs amp/frequency, and filters would be great.

What I like with your design is that they are flexible. But I would prefer a controller specifically design for the A4, with labels under the knobs and sliders (cutoff, resonance, …) and 3 bank/modes : 1 mode where the knobs are used to control a single track, 1 mode to control the most important parameters of each track (i.e for instance one row of knobs per track on the EC12), and 1 mode to edit the FX track.


I also hope these will be in the black trinity colourscheme (black with white legending, faders, knobs and buttons medium gray)


How will parameter pick-up work? That’s an issue with many MIDI controllers and Elektron gear.


would definitely be tempted by the mx12…

if it had a joystick would be so perfect for the monomachine…


I really love the faderbox design and build quality. I can see that the MX12 is nicely optimized for 12 tracks instrument like the AR. It could be good for the OT too : one could use the 8 faders to controls the volume of the 8 tracks, the 2 rows of button to mute/solo track. The 4 remaining faders + the 24 knobs could control the active track.

On the other hand there is quite a lot of overlap between PC 12 and EC 12. They seem to fulfill the same aim : providing 12 columns of either knobs or encoders. So if the aim is to target specifically elektron customer, it would be maybe better to keep the MX12 for the AR/OT and to design one controller for the A4 that would provide the same user-experience than a nordlead : a beautiful one knobs/per function for the osc lvl, filters, envelope, LFOs ,…


you know led rings makes it much more expensive but I will think about it…