New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


placement for the sockets are final
special stands for my devices and ELEKTRONs are planned


Sounds great! Hope the stands can accomodate the official plastic lids too :grimacing:


the dust cover also works with my stand


Awesome! A software programmer for all your products would be very welcome too.


should be possible…the 1st editor for my PC4 is already online:


So are these identical in size to the elektron boxes?


NEW MODULE will have same width and depth as the ELEKTRONs
height will be around 3 mm smaller


Could we stack extra rubber feet underneath for that 3mm, for those OCD moments?


Hi Mathias, just got my UC4 and am in love with it.

Love the MX, will buy for sure. And can’t wait to see pics of the EC!


Interested in the EC12 with led rings!! Expensive? so what! Multitasker for all synths! BCR2000 but better and smaller :smiling_imp: cant wait


The faderfoxes need a function to save last cc value after switching off. those parameter jumps are really not nice…


and for the new one, think having the buttons under the faders is much better. for example i use it for mute function. its essential and shoulda be reachable eaziest…


I have a new design (FC12) here for a version with 36 encoders and led crowns for each one:

differences to EC12: no buttons, 36 encoders instead 48, no high resolution led bar

estimated price: 450…480 euro excl. vat


good idea…maybe to save the last values by the snapshot function…will think about it…


Hi mathias,

I like the new design of FC12 but think some buttons to switch between groups quickly (instead of uisng 2 buttons to increase/decrease the group number) is a necessity. Can we sacrifice the last row of encoders to the buttons?


the group switch process on FC12:

press group button > group led is lit
select a group for each encoder row from a total of 12 possible groups by pressing the encoders
switch off the group mode by pressing the group button again > group led off

alternative hold down the group button and select the groups

same procedure for channel select (independent for each row)

it’s also possible to have the group/channel mode active permanently
so the push buttons work only for this way and the encoders itselve send CC commands


For me this way is even worse than using 2 buttons to increase/decrease the group number. Maybe it’s just me but when I press the encoder I always disturb the encoder’s value a little bit.


please update this also for the uc4. this is the reason to think about selling them and buying more of that doepfer midi controller stuff. with this update would be great.



I hadn’t seen this thread previously but am very happy to see it now as I’ve lately been trying to find a good controller solution for the RYTM.

I’m really liking EC12. Honestly I wouldn’t even mind a Launchpad-sized controller that combines the MX12 and EC12. Currently I use a Launch Control XL for my RYTM, but it’s not enough channels and not enough knobs. I’ve been on the verge of picking up the smaller Launch Control to use just for delay/reverb sends, freeing up the knobs on the XL as voice parameter controls. On the XL I flip-flip between using the faders as volume or performance controls. So EC12 + MX12 (if crammed into a Launch Control XL size square) could allow 6 encoders, 2 buttons, and 1 fader per channel. That would be so helpful.

But I know you’ve got to keep in mind selling these to a broader audience, so I’ll pair the 2 controllers myself if I need to :thup:


Yes very excited to get the MX12! I think I would set it up to play live with my Octatrack - running the A4 and Rytm as external midi + the 8 sample tracks… and then use it with just the Rytm for production in Ableton. Please let us know when we can order :slight_smile: And do you know the cost in CAN roughly with shipping included? Thanks in advance. Alec