New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


Well, I am making a bi-directional Lemur template, and I can control pretty much every parameter in all my Elektron gear (AR/A4/AK) simultaneously. Each message comes through the respective channel of the track, except of the track volume parameter…
EDIT (twice): The track volume parameter comes through performance channel as the performance knobs do.


the cables will take about 20mm if you use angle plugs
the 4-digit-display shows values of the last moved control in various programmable scales
further you will get a position indication by the key leds above the faders while you hold down the shift key
the height is nearly the same as the ELEKTRONs…will fit in the ELEKTRON bag


good idea but unfortunately much more expensive


I am for sure interested in the MX12 for the Rytm. Would it be possible to come with some set layouts? ie. one for mixing levels on the faders, delay on one knob, reverb on one knob?

I just need it to be easy implementation please:)

Do let us know when we can order one, I am very interested.

Thank you in advance.



you can save different setups internally and each control can be programmed for each setup separately.
there are also some amazing edit functions like learn-mode to assign the controls very fast.
so for instance you learn only one pot and have the same command on the whole row but with different channels
to control the same parameter in all tracks.

the first units should be available in july. preorders will start in may or june…please check my website from time to time…


Cool thanks!


the 1st prototype of MX12 (without case)



something that would be super awesome is the option in the OS to set the Midi Out to also midi merge a Midi Thru signal so any signal coming in to the mx12 also goes through Midi Out. Kind of how the Nord Lead II option. Exactly like that option come to think of it.

cool gear photo btw, looks well designed, thoughtful, enjoyable.

quick question - could the rotaries be endless rather than pan pot style? just an idea, not sure if that is an appropriate idea tho.


each of the midi outs (midi 1 / midi 2 / extension bus / usb) can be routed to one of the 4 midi input ports (midi 1 / midi 2 / extension bus / usb) in addition to the standard in/out functionality (each port works as controller in/out)

MX12 and PC12 will have standard pots
the EC12 is planned with endless knobs (encoders)


I do hope your fader stems are of a standard size? ie. one can replace the fader caps with chroma caps or coolorcaps?

Looking forward to this!


lever size is 1.2 x 8 mm so the chroma caps fit perfectly (see attached picture)
btw I will offer chroma caps (black) for the MX12 faders optionally but they are a bit more expensive


Excellent! I prefer coolorcaps myself, but they have the same fit as chromacaps, so all good.


Gorgeous man, really like this.

Any chance of getting the mx12 with motorized faders? not sure its relevant but it would be quite nice for the peeps that would like to use it as main mixing platform for their DAW as well.


unfortunately there isn’t enough space and power for motorized controls


i guess the pan-pot style encoder would be cool for the AR if the AR OS allows for “pickup” mode.
out of interest, why not universal encoders on the mx12?

btw the unit looks enjoyable :slight_smile:

also quick question: would it be cool to have 4 midi outputs and also a midi clock generator?

and transport controls where the mx12 logo is now?

lol what is this, 20 questions, haha … hope to not seem impertinent. Really respect your work.


the 5 encoders on the Prophecy are pan pot style, and they are cool. requires turning the pot all the way to the left in order to activate it.

anyway i don’t even own an AR yet lol so i will close the door on the way out :slight_smile:


nice work, i will be getting one for my rytm when they become available


Looks very good.


Gorgeous :slight_smile:
I’ve started to imagine how to use the full pot controller on A4…
Could be really cool to have everything under the fingers !

One idea : on Moog Slim Phatty the assignable knobs have a way of working that is very interesting IMO.
Say the current parameter value is 50%
The knob current position is 75%
The Slim Phatty offers a mode where the remaining course of the pot (25%) makes it possible to cover the 50% parameter values, while going down would interpolate the 75% as a 50%.

Unsure how clear I am, but in a word you get an encoder functionality with a simple knob…


Wow was just looking for something with faders for the rytm! Is the midi port placement final? Would really like to have this in a dual stand/case set up with the RYTM on top and the mx12 on the bottom.