New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


and one of the other 2 for my A4 please :slight_smile:


Actually I find myself tweaking the wrong knob too often. Getting different colors for each row could be a good idea, I guess.


Custom knobs are your friend for that:


I supply small labels which fit perfectly between the pots and under the faders.

I think about a synth layout in this system… still earching for a universal layout for A4, blofeld and many others

unfortunately software editors are not my thing…I prefer to use the controllers without computers, all programmable in the device itself
I go for special functions which help to program rows or blocks of controls fast and convenient
also with copy/paste functions etc.

LED rings are a nice feature but also quite expensive for small lots…however I think about it…


The EC12 indeed looks like a great generic controller that could be used with an A4, blofeld, micromonsta …

To me, having a controller specifically designed for an A4 (or another synth) means :
-Having some leds that indicates the OSC/LFO waveforms, osc sync type, filter type, …
-Having some labels below the knobs that indicates their function.
-led rings or just a single RGB led above or below the most important knobs (osc lvl ,cutoff, env amount) would be a plus.

Basically having a visual feedback makes a huge difference when programming sounds, and for me that is the main difference between a generic and a specific controller.


I really like the led colour implementation on the launch control XL for this. Even just by assigning custom led colours (and even with the 4 available colours) to certain control sections make memorizing the layout a lot more better than a blank slate of identical knobs.


I completely agree on that. For a generic controller, the led colour implementation is really helpful.


Is the EC12 a faderfox take on the Behringer BCR2000 i’m all for that!


The MX12 looks like a great OT companion! Encoders would probably be more useful than standard pots for me. Am I right in thinking that the SNAP function you mentioned keeps you from having issues with parameter jumps when switching banks and parts?

What would be the planned price for the MX12 in the US? Looks awesome!


planned price for MX12 is 380 euro
regarding SNAP function see my comment above


I’ve got 5 pc4s now and they have made both RYTM and A4 fun to use, great units! Encoders are okish for programming but I can’t use them live, just too indefinite. An elektron-format pot array would definitely get my attention. An ideal scenario would be have have a clamshell type folding option so that the controller and unit knobs are protected in transit and then they fold open, controller in front. Midi on a proper midi din connector and the whole thing USB powered. Using the MIDI learn that PC4 has, users could customise or repurpose the controller but it would come with a sensibly thought out pre-set midi mapping.
Either match the dark paint job of the Elek boxes or go plain black - similar-but-not-quite-the-same is the worst of both worlds.
My twopeneth.


I’m so happy you’re doing this, faderfox! I was trying to piece this together today between the available controllers on the market, and here you are doing it for us.

My favourite out of the 3 as they stand now is PC12, although I would like to see another row of buttons.

I agree 100% with Rocketnumber10, re encoders vs pots. For a device-specific controller, being able to see the state of each parameter is crucial. As for EC12, if the encoders all had LED rings, that may be doable - but the increase in cost would make me just want PC12. I’m not sure I see the value of the encoders over pots, other than feel?

It would be really nice if the rows of pots had configurable colours that could be changed between different pages/configs.

For me, the ideal controller would be a cross between PC12 and MX12. One row of large rotaries on the bottom for track level (like a rotary DJ mixer), instead of faders. 5 rows of pots above that (or 4, but 5 would be ideal). 2 rows of buttons on top. I would be using this without a computer most of the time - but if there was the chance to have a small grid of buttons on the side for Ableton navigation and clip launch, then this would be the controller of my dreams.

I would buy this today. :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:


hey faderfox, this is awesome news that you are doing this: whatever you end up doing, i’ll buy it, and i’m probably not the only one here.

how do we register our interest?


With regard to positioning the device connections, would it be possible to have them on a plate that can be fitted to the top or side (via interal ribbon cable)?

Although it would increase the cost, it would allow for more usage/setup scenarios, as it’s pretty clear both layouts are valid.


unfortunately that’s not possible because there isn’t enough space to have such functionality with same form factor as the ELEKTRONs
of course I could take some less distance between the 12 tracks but that would be a bad ergonomic


I guess I start the preorders by email in may/june so please check my website from time to time
currently I work on the 1st prototype for the MX12…next device will be the PC12…


Moin Mathias @faderfox

would it be possible to not put the connections on the outside but indent them below the box, so that that the cables that emerge from the box on the side only take a centimeter, or so, of space between the boxes? This way one could have the box below the Elektron machines and yet have all of them next to each other.

It would be nice to have a display of the value of the know or fader being touched. Also for the pick up, it would be great to have some left/right, up/down, or plus/minus indication to whether one needs to turn the knob/fader up/down, respectively left/right to pick the value up. Flashing this element to alert one that there is a mismatch between preset and fader/knob status would be another idea.

I am using the Octakontrol and would be interested in something with a flat design (eg making it possible to have to control surfaces taking roughly the hight of one Elektron box, so that one can fit the controller into the standard Elektron bags).

I am looking forward to seeing this becoming a reality.

Viele Grüße aus Rostock



Hi Mathias,
awesome news :slight_smile:
MX12 and EC12 are my favorites.
It will be great if the sheet metal box design will be more versatile for the cable outlet.


Though I am wondering how can you control the volume of each track in MX12… You see, they track volume knob outputs the same message regardless of which track level you adjust, even in performance mode. I have been testing this with A4/AK by turning two knobs simultaneously, and they seem to be the same MIDI message. The only thing that comes close, is to adjust the AMP volume. Am I missing something? :confused:


Same message, yes, but should be on different MIDI channels so that the messages are sent to the right tracks.
Maybe you used only the auto channel, in which case the message is sent only to the selected track.