New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


Yeah, that’s just it. With the ports on the side, it wouldn’t fit into the DIY cradles stands I’ve made for my Elektron gear. If the same form factor is going to be used, it’d be nice if it was entirely compatible with the third-party stands and panels.


the problem on these small boxes like micromodul is the very limited space.
I work on that since 12 years and believe me I have tried all possible designs and combinations…
now it’s time for a bit more liberty :slight_smile:


somebody want to arrange north/south and others prefer to have it east/west
so I decide to have it optimized for a mix system which you can arrange easily by north/south
for instance MX12 + PC12 looks like a large mixer


i think it’s nice to be on the side, this way you can butt up the unit in front of your machine

  • two rows of pots (24) for sends (delay and reverb) per track
  • two button rows (24) for mute and solo or scene or…
    faderfox makes only high quality for12 years…no cheap toys :slight_smile:


One vote for PC12, might expand for MX12 later.


I dream too for a special synth layout…maybe it’s time for it in this new system with enough space for such design…

btw your idea with the 3 modes works good with EC12 because you can switch the controls in differente schemes
to group and/or channels to have multiple use for them


thanks for considering it! :thup:

  • on second thought, i would sacrifice half the number of encoders for rings above the encoders à la SC4…
    that would already make me happy.

  • what are your thoughts on making value ouput scalable? is that feasible?


first I will come with black case and black knobs/caps and green/grey buttons (labeling is white on black faceplate)
maybe later with white or light grey knobs/caps
a ambient version with flat fader caps is possible too


pick up for pots and faders by switching on the SNAP mode and catch the value.
the display helps with information about the feedback value and symbols show the needed direction of movement
to catch the value.
on MX12 I will implement a fader pos indication by the green LEDs on upper button row while holding down the shift key:
LED on: feedback date = fader position


if you mean min/max parameters (bounderies)
that’s already implemented in all my newer devices (4.gen MICROMODUL and SOLID CONTROL line)
so of course it will come in NEW MODULE too


I think I’ll make special stands for NEW MODULE and ELEKTRONs later


These look very promising. Glad someone is doing something like this, especially FaderFox, which I’ve always heard has fantastic build quality. Thanks for sharing here and asking for feedback! So cool to see.

Some quick thoughts…

  • I’d like enough space between knob rows to put a strip of mixer tape so I can label items clearly (if I want to freeze a control device to control a limited amount of parameters, knob-per-function style).

  • I’d probably want to use something like these to control Diva and other nice softsynths. Maybe another specialized project though?

  • I’d like to see a truly intuitive and user-friendly software editor. Most manufacturers are so hit-or-miss with editors. Not sure how FaderFox handles/uses/offers software editors in the past.

Agreed! Nord Lead 3 instant-updating LED ring style.


ok i see! did you implement this after initial release?

min/max boundaries is what i was looking for and puts the SC4 back on my purchase list…

this review from sound on sound had me confused on that topic:

". . . for instance you can’t confine your output data to a specific range as is possible with some other controllers. . . . "


oh sorry…you are right
SC4 was my first 4. gen device and has no min/max parameters
but UC4, UC44 and PC44 have it and I will it implement it in all new development definitely


EC4 for me. I just don’t like it when I change parameter page and can’t know where I’m at with the new page parameters…
This I would want LED feedback on each encoder.
Surrounding the encoder, or south to north…

It’s very weird, I was dreaming of something like this last night…


Gorgeous stuff as usual!
I’d love to see something like the MX12 with a row of pots and a row of encoders with the buttons below the faders!
But probably I’d go for EC12, I love encoders


dsi tetra has some nprm stuff also :wink:
and what about that the ports could be converted by the user from sw to nw and back with some screws and a small plate for the gap


I personally prefer “full size controls” that are spaced out somewhat loosely, much easier to operate at high speeds IME. Small controls are neat because of small footprint and easy transportation, but they can be impossibly fiddly to operate super fast. There’s always a compromise, but IMO these new controllers are just the size I’m looking for!


Grey buttons is all I’d want really, as long as you’re using standard fader stems and D-shaft knobs. I can buy replacement fadercaps and knobs.

Elektron is using medium grey / light grey buttons to differentiate between UI logic sections. This would be the best solution if you need to have two colours for the buttons. (hint hint wink wink)