[ New Analog Keys/Four Sound Pack ] Out Now! (MKII compatible)


Thx @William_WiLD i’m very glad to hear that. Do you also have the Analog Keys or did you play it on the A4 MKII?


great sound pack, installed in my AK :top:


Awesome! Hope you can do some cool tracks with it :slightly_smiling_face: Big thanks for your support @leix


I liked the old one too :wink: old school :tongue:

Thanks for the great new rhodes patch btw, love it :heart_eyes:


My pleasure :slight_smile: Im so excited to hear it in other people tracks!


I think I would like to go a bit more minimalism with the whole floppydisk thing…


Which pack is this sound included with?


it’s from the free patches !





I opened a topic “Free Patches AK/A4 MKI&MKII” sometime in 2014. But to be honest, i wasn’t very active and haven’t updated this thread for a while. But now i try to be more active again to share more free patches with you from time to time :wink:

Anyways, here is the link. The newest patch is always at the top. And as my dear friend @William_WiLD had mentioned so nice, you just have to click on the trolley icon in the soundcloud player to download the patches :slight_smile:


Hi, i’m new here and came from soundcloud where i saw that you’ve released a new sound pack! I listened to demos, bought it and loaded it into my a4. Of all sound packs on the market i like yours the most. Your sounds are ingenious and very lively. I would really like to look over your shoulder while you work :wink:
I haven’t tested all the patches yet but i’m really impressed of what i’ve heard so far! Excellent sound design. Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Anthony


Hi Anthony and welcome on board here :slight_smile:

It’s really a great pleasure for me that you appreciate my work so much. Thank you very much and for your support!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: You already gave me plenty of free packs! So, it’s the least I could do. 6,99 € is also a very low price for such a good pack. I don’t want to know how much work that was!


:thinking: Hm, i think it’s a reasonable price for 64 patches as my other packs usually have 128 patches for 9.99 €…


ok then that’s the 128 patches that are not expensive enough :joy: :thup:


:laughing: Only if everyone votes for it :speak_no_evil: :wink:




vote :white_check_mark:


then we are already one :joy:


lol :grin:

Thanks for the new rhodes patch btw. Sounds really great. How about a pack that only contains emulations like that?