[ New Analog Keys/Four Sound Pack ] Out Now! (MKII compatible)


Good idea! That was already planned in cooperation with Elektron but somehow this did not happen. Would be a lot of work but i could make the pack a bit smaller. 32 patches maybe. Depends also on the needs as it seems that many users here do not get enough of FM :wink:


That would be awesome! Even 32 patches are welcome :slight_smile:


Now i have all of your packs in my a4. What a collection! Far better than the electron stock patches.
I browse the patches on my a4 and each one inspires me to make a new song.
The drum enthusiast pack is perfect for the pool and can be used superbly in the sequencer. I love it, you really breathe new life into my home studio with your sounds. Thank you @Floppydisk_Pirates


Thank you, really a nice compliment :slight_smile: I am glad to see how people react positive to my work. It makes me very pround if i could isnpire someone to a new song!


same + some self made drum patches :sunglasses:


i use druma in my pool by daren ager :smiley: Awesome drum patches and good sound design too!


Found the demo on soundcloud, nice one! :ok_hand:


yeah, i like that too. One of the first packs made for the a4 if i’m not mistaken :thinking:


I can’t really say that. I’ve only been in the scene for almost a year now. But it’s cool anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking, here it is the track I made inspired by your sound:


Great track, so smooth :heart_eyes:


Bought the whole package (the bundle). Got stuck in the Return … patches. Heavenly sound, made 3-4 sonic scribbles this weekend. Playable, lush, smoooth. So smoooth sounding on me AK.
Everyone with an AK should look into this.

And I got more sounds to explore, keep up the good work!


Cool, hope i will hear something from you on youtube or soundcloud! Thank you so much @59min
The last soundpack was actually made with the analog keys. Imported into the MKII for adjustments to make it fit :wink:


Weekend is safe :sunglasses: I was able to do some magic last night and i will continue work on that now. It’s like i found a treasure chest in your pack. You’re the man!


I know that feeling. Only for me it is the other way around. I once lost my treasure chest when my hard drive burned out and ate all my projects :sob:

Or when I had finished my first analog four pack secured in the pool and then imported richard devine’s pack. I never thought that all sounds would be overwritten without asking “do you really want to overwrite your pool with devine’s sh***” ?. There was no + drive in 2014 …:sob::sob::sob:


Sorry to hear that :confused:
I just bought the All in One bundle, lots of interesting things here!
Still exploring everything. You deliver some quality work. :open_mouth:


So you were that :wink: :smiley: There you have many sounds to sift through. So do i…Last night, i was going through all 616 patches on the Analog Four MKII looking for bugs to improve compatibility.

Thank you so much @Baztek really means a lot to me!


I have the bundle now for a while but it is amazing how much great sounds are available. Just picking one up and somehow always fits in my track. I’m so tired of the stock patches and making my own unfortunately affects my workflow.


:joy: hehe, i use the stock patches from time to time :wink: I’m tired of hearing my own patches as it take about an hour per patch. After that you’re happy when you can hear something different and that’s where the stock patches come in handy :smiley:


@Floppydisk_Pirates you did an amazing job!
Im very grateful for all your time puted in the preparation of these packs!
Without you, my machines probably would never play like that, thank you!

And yes! It was worth to register just to write it down :happy: