[ New Analog Keys/Four Sound Pack ] Out Now! (MKII compatible)


I’m looking forward and i will keep an eye on it :wink:


Yeah, that’s true. I remember when I had the devices new. I think I spent 8 hours trying to make my first sounds for a small track and didn’t notice the time while playing :wink:


Same :smiley: til my ears ring :hear_no_evil:


Yeah, i know that :wink:


will probably take a while…

Can you tell me which patch you were using in this example to achieve that chord sound?

i cant find it :frowning:


Must be the “young talent” patch. I’ts LFO based…


got it, thanks! :wink:


no problem :slight_smile:


can only confirm!:+1:


Wow, thanks @Ray-Ray_Velouria So glad that you like it :relieved:
I think with the Analog Keys you can quickly create great pads. Very warm and soft synth :slight_smile:


Thank you ray ray, aaah again, sorry :wink: No honestly, i really appreciate your support!


Great sound pack! Sounds brilliant on the MKII.


Thanks :blush: That really means a lot to me!
I’ve tried to make it sound equivalent on the MKII. Thank you also for your support @jefferymac :slightly_smiling_face:


I was glad to see a new soundpack released this year by Floppydisk Pirates. I got to know this sound designer from the Elektron website when a while ago I was planning to purchase the A4 mk i. I think the soundpacks Depth&Vision and Drum Enthusiast sold me the A4. I am not a preset guy, but I feel it helpful to start from inspirational sounds sometimes, and for me the soundsets from Floppydisk_Pirates have something living in themselves; it is clear that there’s some heart in the sound design of these packs. Relaxing and Thrilling at the same time.


Hey Artax!

Insane :exploding_head: I never thought that i could inspire someone like that. Only hoped it again and again :wink:
You said that really nice. I always start from scratch when i make a new patch, but i’m always inspired by songs as well. Also some of your tracks on soundcloud. Really crazy, what you get out the A4!!! Your songs inspire me again to make new sounds! Thank you @LC

You should post your new track here, it’s really awesome!


Nice bonus patch at the end! It doesn’t really sound like a synth anymore but more like a piano sample :joy:

Nice new logo btw… I needed some time until I realized that it was not only just the charakter F :smiley:


You mean that “refurbished” patch?

Thanks but it’s just a work in progress. The old one was a bit too coltish imo :clown_face:


Yes, really nice. If you put some reverb on it, you can go really amto with this one!


I think with the elektron reverb you can easily make any patch atmo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damn this FREE one sounds good too man ! wow :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s beautifully played as well :wink: