[ New Analog Keys/Four Sound Pack ] Out Now! (MKII compatible)


Hey guys,

i wanted to introduce you my new Sound Pack “Return Of The Floppy” for the Analog Keys or Four (MKII+MKI) that i have released quite fresh. Here you can listen to the video demo and soundcloud examples: https://www.floppydiskpirates.com/products/returnofthefloppy

return of the floppy sound pack for Analog Keys Four MKII MK2 MK1 MKI by floppydisk pirates

Have fun :musical_keyboard:


P.S.: If you like it or even not, feel free to leave me a comment below. I’m always open to suggestions for improvement and happy about your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just added to the Analog Four definitive list :wink:
And bought it thanks for the work @Floppydisk_Pirates

This one is impressive you kill it @Floppydisk_Pirates


You are one of my favorite sound-designer on the Analog Four :wink:
Very Tasty and Skills …


Hey William,

I’m very grateful for your support and I’m glad that you like my work. It honors me to hear that I am one of your favorites!
Do you already use the new MKII or are you still loyal to the MKI? When I heard that the analog overdrive of the MKII should sound more aggressive than the MKI model, I tried to design the sounds without the overdrive so that the patches do not sound different on both devices.

“Kumite” is a bit more aggressive than the others right? If I add the “Drum Enthusiast” pack to it, more of these examples could come about :thinking:
Anyway, when I hear the playlist, kumite wakes me up every time :ghost:


Sure I’m on MK2 now i upgraded everything here after 3 years warranty period arrived a its end. I’m quite happy with the mk2… waiting the RYTM this week :slight_smile:

As cuckoo said in its video the opposite trick on the overdrive work very nice.
So if in a MK2 sound-design the Overdrive is at +8 putting it at -8 for mk1 users works fine :slight_smile:

and my friend confirmed on its MK1… (a bit more tweak though if using the Multimode filter as an EQ in the sound-design but when I asked him to re-shape my LowEnd 101 Sound Pack he said it was not headache to make it sounding close to match the wavefiles I sent to him to compare with mk2 sounding)


Wow, that’s a workaround I probably missed! Good to know, thanks for the hint.

Is your “LowEnd 101” Sound Pack already done for the MKII? Did I miss that too? :flushed:

I did not even have the time to deal with the Rytm mkii, because I had worked a lot on the soundpack again. And the next one is already in work. But I had him connected briefly and must say that I was impressed!

The pads have a much better and softer pressure point than the old ones. they hurts my fingertips after a one-hour jam.


Yes it’s here i post it the last december 2017 day :slight_smile:
You should find the thread here and i added you on my new soundcloud (TekiNovaH)

it’s comes with some learning content in a booklet (i’m in the writing) so the pack is a 101 oriented learning for people who struggle with the LowEnd… it’s not a signature sound pack sort of speak)



:boom: :boom: :boom:

A few things…
Thanks for supplying all the sounds as individual .syx files with file names.
This makes locating the original source of a patch much easier!

Also, 7Euros for 64 quality patches is a steal. Thanks for that!


Yes i’ve just listening the whole pack there’s so much beautiful PADS inside
Congratulations for the sound-design !

I encourage everyone to buy it here :wink:




In the end, I was actually so tired of designing the pack that I almost saved it as one file. But then my ambition encouraged me again and I made the effort to save it individual and name each patch one by one :exploding_head:. But if I hear your comments that way, it was really worth it. You are so cool! Thank’s Adam :handshake:


I think that’s the first time that I have decided on a clear concept. the Sound Packs before were pretty messed up with all sorts of sounds that came to my mind :crazy_face: Ok, the “Drum Enthusiast” had a clear concept but that was designed specifically for elektron. For the packs before, I had the artistic license :speak_no_evil:

I’m just happy if you like it :blush:


Wow, I did not realize how many soundpacks are out now! A really good idea with the “definitive list”. This list can be also very well found on google!


every time i hear your soundpacks i get a mad urge to run out and buy an a4.


Same. It was one of the early ones that pushed me over the edge to get an A4 a couple years back!


Cool, which of the sound packs did you like the most?


BPM and Don’t Copy That Floppy (for me) :thup:
Literally thrilled :rofl:


Well I bought a bundle that had the BPM, depth and vision, unmechanical, and don’t copy that floppy soundpacks, but it was one particular sound on Unmechanical that got me - MODKEY. This was my initial foray into synthesis and something about that sound ensured that I’d be able to find the vibes I was looking for in the A4 :sunglasses:


Maybe the first experiments are always the best :thinking:

I am glad that I could thrilled you;)


I don’t think so… i love the return of the floppy too !