[ New Analog Keys/Four Sound Pack ] Out Now! (MKII compatible)


hmmm, I didn’t see any email flyer, unless I missed it or it went to my junk and has been deleted…
I saw the post on here and noticed it was a floppy disk pirates pack.
If you want to try sending the email flyer again and I can see if it arrives and let you know my feedback on it, if this is useful for you?


That would be really useful for me. I’ll send you the flyer again. Thank you.


I’ve just bought it and i really have to say those pads are fantastic :drooling_face: i really love them! Very atmospheric, great sound design :ok_hand: Thanks!

This one is my favorite:

I think I found this one. It’s the “stranger” patch right?


Thank you very much @Joe_A

Yes, among other things. I would have to look but I think it starts with the “paddy” patch followed by “windbells” and then comes the “stranger” patch. It starts at 0:43 minutes to be exact :wink:
I’m so happy that you like it! :relieved:


Just top notch! :+1:
I also really liked the drum enthusiast. I think i’ll soon check out the “don’t copy that floppy” sound pack. Judging by the demo, you have really made an effort in terms of the emulations of the individual patches. I immediately noticed the “nord stage” emulation. I never thought that the a4 could sound like that, wow :exploding_head:


:exploding_head: That fits. My head almost explodes by trying to design these patches. I don’t necessarily want to work on emulations again :wink:

Which device do you use? A4, AK or A4 MKII?


hehehe :joy: i understand that … Better to let the Analog Four to speak its own language creatively


It was worth an experiment to go deeper in the a4 synthesis but I did not want to lose myself either :wink:


Bought! Very impressive stuff. I really like your pack :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for your purchase @breakdown88 i really appreciate your feedback here!


My pleasure, dude! Keep up the good work :sunglasses:


Thank you! Please keep up the great work!


Will do, thanks Riddim! A little break and then i’ll make an official mkii pack :speak_no_evil:


Thanks @breakdown88 will do!


That must be exhausting…your sounds are very clean and warm. I wish i could create sounds like you do :crazy_face:

I have an A4 MKII and an AK. I just used your pack on both machines for a life session. I’m very happy with the result :upside_down_face:


I’m flattered :blush:

Yes, that’s something i’m jealous of!. I mean live sets… I personally think it’s easier to design patches. I’m really awed by a good live set!


I haven’t been performing live for so long. Can’t really say if i’m good at it. But it’s so much fun :slight_smile: Your patches don’t sound like it’s easy to program something like that!


Just got my a4 mkii yesterday and made a session today with your new soundpack. Awesome! Keep up the great work. I’m really looking forward to new projects!
How do you always find such cool names for the patches :joy:


Hope that no one occurs twice :crazy_face:

Did you record your session? Video or just audio?


Unfortunately not. But it’s not that bad, because i’ve saved the session as a project.
I’m still working on it and getting a bit safer with the devices too.
Once the project is finished, i will record it and post it here in the media area :slightly_smiling_face: