[ New Analog Keys/Four Sound Pack ] Out Now! (MKII compatible)


Bought too. Looking forward to loading them in!
Thanks for more inspiring patches.


Is there still interest in an FM pack? A few years ago I opened a thread but then the work came in between. By now, there are certainly enough of them on the market and the topic “FM” has settled down?


Yes, for sure! Can’t get enough of FM!
When using my Monomachine I have coaxed some awesome psy types sounds using the FM machines.
Just bought a PreenFM2 from a member on here, looking forward to getting stuck in to that too.


Yes that’s true. A few times I had to work that way too, to get the right flavor in a sound. The only question is in which direction should the pack develop? FM drums, FM fx, FM keys, FM “what ever comes to my mind”? :crazy_face: … Any suggestions?


An FM drum pack would be interesting, and filthy psy lead sounds :wink:


Drums and leads, that sounds very good. Maybe a few more effects to it. Perhaps more something that can be better used in sequencer than playing polyphonic?

Thanks for supporting me btw @OverUnity :wink:


I have fun sampling FM sounds and putting them in to my Novation Circuit or Octatrack to jam with.


I dare say! unfortunately i don’t have an Octatrack yet, but i can imagine it’s fun to twist the sounds in it.


You do not have an A4? Which machines do you use from elektron? I would love to have the Monomachine :drooling_face:


^ nope not yet — i’ve been focusing on livesetting with the classic mduw/mnm/ot trinity for the past few years. the mnm doesn’t give me every synth tone i want but when you find a sweet spot … oh baby :slight_smile: plus its routing and sequencing possibilities are an endless inspiration. as much as you get into sound design, i’m sure you’d dig one if you’d be willing to embrace its architecture.

the a4 seems far more straightforward but i’ve always had mixed emotions about it. it seems quite capable as a percussion synth and the sound locks on its sequencer are a brilliant idea, plus its fx are a major step up for elektron. but the synth voice itself rarely attracts me … it often comes across as too buzzy and harsh for the housey tracks i write. that’s why i appreciate good a4 soundpacks like yours — they show me its warmer and creamier side.


Sounds amazing… well done! Some sounds remind me of Luke Abbott.


Luke Abbott… :thinking: First tell me nothing. But now that I’ve heard a few things from him I can take it as a compliment :blush:

Thanks @meep


Very nice - this is hitting the spot!


Thank you @sampleNhold :relaxed:


The modkey, oh yes, I remember. I think I sat there for three hours! But in the end it was just coincidence or an accident? :thinking: But that’s what I like about synthesis or synthesizers. They surprise me again and again- particularly the A4.



I absolutely love his first album


You are ahead of me. I’m still listening :headphones:


Never change a running system! :sunglasses:

I concentrate so much on sound design that I totally forget how much fun these machines actually make. If I only hear “livesets”, I get the urge to deal with it more.

Thanks @dubathonic But I also have my difficulties with the analog four. Sometimes I want something and something else comes out of it. The easiest for me on the A4 are then probably “pads”. Sometimes I’m really on the warpath with good housy chords. I have less trouble with basses…

Anyway, sometimes it’s enough to hear and enjoy good a4 tracks instead of messing around with that synth yourself. That’s probably why I do not have a Monomachine yet. But seeing people play around with it and hear the sound just makes me happy :relieved:


I have the other packs you released so looking forward to loading this one and using it in some new tracks.
Some really useful sounding patches in the demo. Great work, thanks!


Hey cool, you got my message! I thought the flyer would end up in the spam folder :sweat: i used to write text messages but this time i thought i was designing a flyer. Was it displayed correctly in your inbox?

I’m just asking because it was the first time i did it that way. And i also wondered if this is better or worse than the good old text message. Maybe it’s annoying. i’m always open for feedback or criticism!
And thank you very much for your support @Studio_Cee , i really appreciate that! And i hope you can integrate the patches well into your tracks!