Nauts vs Clock

As I wrote few posts before, the “:” is the clock element which corresponds perfectly to the “vs”. Think sport results convention - 0:0, 2:0 etc. aesthetics aside, my experience tells me that once you have found an element that visually connects your subjects, probably that’s a good idea. That’s why I kept it fairly abstract without clock icons etc - all in the elektron ethos. But that was just for fun, not sure that a design discussion is what we ant to have here:)) actually I’m eager to find some spare time and soon record a 10 min sesh.


For what’s it worth, I like all three of your previous designs and like the use of the “:”. I also think you’re right from steering away from anything to overtly “clocky” in the design as it’s a bit on the nose. Probably the only suggestion I’d make is that CLK works better than CLCK for me as you then get some symmetry with NTS. But it’s not essential as I think they’re already more than cool enough.

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I’m in, +1 for no loops.


I also should say that I’ve ordered a wee tripod for holding my phone so with a long weekend in the offing this coming weekend I hope to be able to have a go at this.

Another idea :slight_smile:


Just spitballing matey boy! It ain’t always golden. Just trying to express an idea to add to the community vibe.

Yep! I’m looking forward to doing some of these too. Picked up my RYTM yesterday. Once that has been configured into my set up I’ll be on it!

This is AWESOME!!! :clap:

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peanut gallery here: logo should be three 8 bit style boxes like the elektron screen legends/symbols


-1 for no loops or breaks

When we say no loops, what do we actually mean by that? Ok to sample a loop and slice/rearrange/edit stuff?

I imagine it’s about not just dragging and dropping loops in and calling it a beat. Like no going on Splice/Sounds and finding perfect loops to throw on top of each other and call it a beat.

If you mangle/chop them up though I’d imagine it would be fine.


Ok, sounds absolutely fair!

You guys should not get hung up on details. Too many restrictions will take the fun out of the jamming and lower the numbers of people joining in.
This shouldn’t be serious competition with strict rules but more of a music showcase… IMO of course :yum:


Might be interesting to leverage aspects of the Elektron logotype for the mark.

In this case simply calling the challenge ‘klok’, and allowing the visual shorthand of the Elektron typeface speak to the 'Nauts specific nature of the videos.



figured I’d do it with MDUW first :sweat_smile:

alternate takes excerpts at 10:17


Agree, I think the only restriction should be to stop at the 10 minute mark and keep the video as unedited as possible so its one 10 minute take.

Creatively speaking I think it should be fully open to whatever you want, if people dont like loops or breaks then the comment section or “likes/views” will show that. I know loops and breaks might not be fun to watch but the reality is a lot of people use them in creative ways too.


I tended to prefer most of the alternate takes… but I think that’s because I find the TRX-BD to have pretty small sweet spots to my taste.

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not sure if I used TRX-BD for any of those takes, although I’m away from my MD so can’t check, is possible I used it for one of them but pretty sure they were all either from sine machine or EFM BD

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haha, of course, you are absolutely right. I re-watched and your handy screen cam reveals it is indeed the EFM BD… so unsure what was happening with my ears as that’s my favourite BD engine. in my somewhat lackluster defence I would say that I’ve had mines in the cupboard for about 6 months… it’s due to be rotated back into service for my next EP.

I think my favourite of your alternate takes is the one from about 11:00 onwards… i enjoy the really insistent feel and the AM stuff adds a nice bit of edge to it.

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