Nauts vs Clock


Yeah a Logo would be nice, there really wouldnt be any video editing needed aside from putting that logo on top which would be pretty fast and easy. Maybe the Elektron logo on the top left would be good enough.

Also, maybe we could move this to “mission briefs” or “science lab”. Both looking kinda barren.


some references to Elektron’s typeface as well as the idea for “VS” which corresponds well with the “:” element from a digital clock:)

the NTS and CLCK abbreviations communicate speed, rush, no time to spell the whole word. Same for the angled type


these are great! personally like the third one. I feel that the abbreviations might be confusing to someone that is new or isnt familiar with elektronauts.


I think the first would work nice for videos in the top right corner.
Having the words fully spelled out would make them equally long though.


Yep I hear you, however think about that those would appear in the context of a video where probably the whole title would be spelled as should be.

Few more ideas: make a youtube account , hashtag etc, get elektron to share the most popular videos on a monthly basis and at the end of the year vote the best N:C and give it a price - trip to Sweden, box of choice etc


Yes, cool idea!


thats true, I do like how the other two logos look. A reward would be nice but I think it would be better if this doesnt turn into a competition.

youtube account for sure would be fun to have a weekly share.


Also - Nauts vs Clock is 12 letters altogether


I like the one on the right, it kind of reminds me of the Cartoon Network logo.


Great work! I would pick the first or third one. Maybe the first due to its simplicity.


That‘s true, removing the vowels makes things much more compact, 12 letters might be too much for a logo :face_with_monocle:


center logo ftw.

great idea OP

break beat loops shouldn’t be allowed imho.

dataline wins every week lol

i suggest setting up a YouTube channel. I would volunteer to do that.

let’s not get elektron hq involved

i am in off course


I´d rather have everyone upload the video on their own channel. It´s very hard to reach out to an audience with a new channel these days. Since this is an unofficial project I would not count on Elektron pushing the videos too much. It´s more like the Jamuary thing or Thomann store reactor (scnr) where the popularity of the series is based on the variety of channels the content was released on. Think of it as a win win situation: the Nauts vs Clock series can benefit from the more popular channels with a lot of subscribers and the more unknown channels can benefit from the popularity of the nauts vs clock series (in an ideal scenario).


maybe we can have them in our own channels and then have one Elektronauts channel with just a playlist to add them to.


I like them all.


Great ideas from everybody! I like the middle logo the most, it looks really clean and simple. All great designs though. @mishpult

It may be difficult to coordinate an official channel, but not impossible. I can’t wait to participate in this challenge!


Loving the middle design logo


what about CLK instead of CLCK?
even shorter, plus some 3-letter symmetry. doesn’t strictly fit “ok remove all vowels” but it’s the common abbrev for clock.



Maybe some suggestion of a clock would be beneficial. The hands of the clock could be represented by the diagonal lines of the ‘K’…?
Or a ‘clock’ could be a faint feature in the background of the spherical letter ‘C’… ?
Would kinda look like CLOK as well.


That would be neat, if you people get a consensus over a possible variant to refine further, I can re-iterate