Nauts vs Clock


NxC or NVC : Nauts vs Clock

Official title?

Our take on ATC.

Decided to make an official unofficial thread so we all could brainstorm collectively and possibly post our creations.

Any ideas/rules anyone would like to add?

So far I only have no loops and premade midi notes layed out.

(Will also update this with an official rules section when we agree on them and possibly upload a document somewhere so users who would like to participate could review further. just to have a set guideline for the videos)

I have too much time on my hands so i dont mind helping out to make this work for all of us to enjoy.

And will it be 10 minutes also? Or are we decreasing or increasing the time allotment.

Furthermore, should we require an intro of the artist performing (name, location, background, etc)or do you guys think thats a little too direct and would rather not.

Or if the artists prefers, could write a short bio instead, and get straight into it.

I use to do graphic designing but not so much these days. Was thinking about making a NxC logo and official unofficial intro. not really using adobe anymore so idk how good my animation skills would be.
Any graphic designers or animation people care to share some ideas on the design is all welcome.

I had a design/intro in mind myself.
A simple astronaut :woman_astronaut: :man_astronaut: floating with his hands playing a synth or drum machine with his oxygen cord or some kind of cord and a digital clock above floating as well and it counting down 5 seconds and when reached to zero the cord pulls the astronaut back in and away from the synth. Like a times up thing.
It will only be 20 seconds long or so to display at every NxC beginning video.
Something to make it more professional so its taken more seriously would be nice i think.


Sounds like a great idea!


Also if anyones planning on releasing a video of this soon, lets maybe postpone it for awhile till we get everything sorted, yeah?

I want this to be something fun for us all to share but also professional.

We all are aspiring artists with unique ideas so why not make it stand out and get more recognition outside this forum by making it more polished?
Could also bring more attention to the artist to further themselves and network with others.

Just a thought, we could also do it the half-way and throw up any video of us with poor sound quality, lightning, etc.

Would be a win win for us all if we really tried with this project.
Better quality videos = more enjoyment for us all.
And by quality i mean the overall presentation of the video, not the artist themselves. All skill levels are more than welcome. The root of this project should be creative and collective fun amoungst the nauts.
Something we all could learn from and inspire us.


I can barely make my tracks listenable(if even) with all the time in the world.

Losing myself in time in the wonder of my devices is actually a net positive of music for me.

I, myself, am going to pass. But I hope you kids have fun with your tick tock beep boop


I love the idea of this. I don’t know if I would participate, but I would love to watch other Naut’s efforts (I don’t know that I’m proficient enough on any of my equipment - maybe in time). As far as the name, I like Nauts vs Clock, with NVC as the acronym. :heart_eyes:


Ooh, it would be nice to see/hear some of those Elektronauts ‘setups’ pushed to their full potential !!


I thought of one specific requirement.

Must include at least one elektron device to make it special to us.

Any Elektron device, heat, digi’s, etc. even drive pedal, but not just the Elektron usb hub, unless you circut bent it to make it sound like you’re starting up AOL with a phone jack lol.


I’ll give it a go, seeing as I’m the dickhead that gave the Umfang video such a hard time. It’s only fair I make a public twat of myself as penance. I’m useless when it comes to making videos though so it will have more than a whiff of Uwe Boll about it.


Great idea! I would suggest for some rules:

  • Pre selected samples/drum kits OK
  • Pre selected patches OK
  • Pre-written patterns / melodies / beats NOT OK

I find it annoying in against the clock when they press play and fade in a drum machine which magically has a pre programmed beat - cheating IMO :slight_smile:


Are we talking no loops at all? Or no placement of loops with no intentions of change them?


I would say that if it’s a sampled loop, like a break or something then it’s fine, but if you’ve pre-programmed a sequence then you’re taking the piss.


will try to record something on sunday. seems like a cool way to get some new material to work on later too so it’s a win-win


I’ll see myself out…:wink:


my query would be would we be filming this on whatever camera (most likely phone) focussed on equipment with audio only, or would people expect a mic hooked up, 3 DSLR setup with explanation of the process.


I think the fundamental idea of a tune from scratch in 10 minutes should be exactly that.
no prep whatsoever.

factmag should have really called it a tune in 35-ish minutes or whatever :smile:

but yea having a bunch samples ready should probably be allowed cause otherwise we’d be there all day :smile:


yeesh, I’ve done a few analog-four-from-scratch-in-an-hour things, and I was already hugely struggling with that. 10mins is inconceivable…

Maybe if premade patches are allowed, but what’s the fun in that…


All Elektrons have presets and preset patterns…:smiley:


cool idea. not a fan of the name though, to be honest.

one issue I see is the quality of the videos could be pretty awful. best part about ATC is they have mutiple cameras set up, plus a person filming while moving about the room, and they capture direct audio and merge it with the ambient room audio. so you can really get a great sense of what’s happening, as well as the space they’re creating in. if we’ve just got a bunch of people holding their phones with one hand while they try and create stuff with the other… not gonna be super watch-able.

some ideas for video:

  • GoPro mounted to your head or chest; or buy a phone mount which does this
  • borrow a bunch of phones and mount them around the room, focused on relevant gear
  • have someone else shoot the video, giving them an idea of what you’ll be using and what to focus on
  • if you have a Nest Cam (or similar), mount that and extract the video


I’m well up for this. I sometimes challenge myself to get something workable in 10; often fail though. :grin:

The video of it will be the bigger challenge for me though.

I’ve got my phone and a go pro.

If I record the audio into Ableton and then sync with different camera shots, that may work.

I’ll experiment this weekend.

No loops!


I don’t generally use a computer, but I don’t see how thats not a way to make music? Some people tear it up in the daw