Nauts vs Clock


I’m up for this, sounds fun! I guess wed publish these on an elektronauts YouTube channel? Or our own channels?


I’m fine with whatever rules & I’m even ok with everyone doing whatever they want like the real ATC.

Hopefully we can submit more than 1 track. I want to do a Boom Bap ATC, Trip Hop ATC, House ATC, ect, ect :blush:


Especially after all the work Elektron devs have put into Overbridge 2.0, I’m not sure I understand the instinct to not permit any computer usage.


Agreed. There shouldn’t be any restrictions on gear or otherwise. The only real restriction should be the 10 minute time cap


also find it interesting. :+1:t2: 10 min rule plus 1 Elektron device would be my suggestion…


So I was actually working on this yesterday before the actual Nauts Vs Clock idea came about, but I figured it’s a good enough way to start.

Obviously I did not know the rules yet when making this so please forgive me, but it’s all DT and OB with this one.


Wasn’t serious, you know :wink:


Looks like we have are first submission! Nice work. This is all Digitakt?


Yup! I sample from YouTube over usb and throw something together really quick. The only prep I did was pull up random copyright free videos to sample from. That and I had some drums from the project I was already working on which I pulled from.


Good stuff, really enjoyed what you did. Hope you get over your cold (or whatever your illness is) soon - you sound like you’re toiling with that.

I’m definitely going to have a go at this too…


alright, decided I’ll have a go on the a4mkii, no presets, starting from blank pattern and 4 sawtooths.

5 separate attempts is still less than an hour, so it should be fine…


i’ve now got 4 new patterns that i really like and want to develop further. which is a great reason to try a 10 minute challenge without filming just to get ideas down.
Some of them i tried to have a finished bit of music using as many tracks as possible, others i just used one voice and messed with it in an abstract styles.


Unfortunately it’s a full blown sinus infection :mask: it’s been a hell of a past few days. Thank you for watching my struggle though lol


Want to keep this thread going so here is my submission. Usually work on Ableton but I wanted to do this challenge with just hardware.
Video quality is a bit shaky, just set it up using a tripod but it works so I can have everything on one shot.

I think I might do another one this weekend too but with Ableton.

Had it under 10 mins and was thinking what else I can add but sampling something else and chopping it up would have taken me over time so I was happy with the result.


This is awesome! So fluid and with time to spare!


thanks! liked yours a lot , glad to see some Hip hop around here


here we go, a4mkii from scratch in 10mins (x4 in a row).
Clear patterns, clear voices.

10mins is definitely too short for me on the a4… no time to get any depth, musically or sonically…


sounds great! tried looking for a nice clock like that for mine but I realized all I have to tell time is phones and computers…


Nice time machine action! Get 4 in 1 :sunglasses:


I am in! I´d like to make a new track from an init patch on Analog Rytm & Analog Four.

Would it not be nice to have a logo or layout that all participants can use? Someone who is a better designer than I am could sketch something.