NAMM 2020 Rumors, Wishes, and Speculation Thread

Waiting to see if anything new is coming up for Digitakt at NAMM. Literally going dry for the holidays and not buying any new gear until 2020 (with money saved in bank). This. Is.not.easy.


How are the brand new prices? If they are heavily discounted for the holiday season, that could be a sign something new is on the way. If the pricing is still around normal, then pull the trigger!

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I haven’t seen a discount on any MPC devices for the holidays, but I usually don’t shop specifically during holidays, I almost always find decent deals regardless of when I shop.

I found the MPC X for about $1,600 average, used, on eBay… But the window of desire has passed. I had 8% eBay bucks activated as an offer which ended… LAST NIGHT! Therefore my desire has left me. I’ll be waiting until NAMM for any further purchases and the hopes that a new groovebox is released… I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

I want a Novation Circuit 2.0 in the Peak form factor, fit with knobs, sliders, a screen, massive I/O section and maybe some CV outputs… Mmmmm


They had the Force on sale for 999.00 not sure if that is an indicator for something new to come.


Didn’t they just release all those pretty recently? I don’t really follow certain gear but I do know MPC was out of the standalone game for a while. I’d be impressed if they released a fourth unit so quickly.

I should’ve taken that deal on eBay… $1,600 plus $100 back in eBay bucks. I can’t find another standalone groovebox/sampler that has EIGHT CV outputs! I messed up.

The annual anxiety – buying for the holidays (sales etc) versus waiting for NAMM !
(Made worse with some companies announcing products months and months away.)


I just bought a Digitakt new at $615 (for the second time, one I got and sold due to mono-sampling but this time I’m using it explicitly as a drum machine since I have hardware synths now).

I’m going to poop myself if Elektron releases anything new at NAMM.

P.S., the resultant poop would be from frustration rather than excitement. It’s a frustrated BM.


Like a Digitakt hardware upgrade. I’m looking for the Digitakt Keys (i posted a mock up image somewhere – ADDED: here), though i’m not really expecting it.

Having almost purchased an MPC yesterday this is the EXACT thing that would cause that. Oh well. $615 isn’t bad for a new Digitakt and I try to only buy new… I wouldn’t expect to ever get less than $500 if I decided to sell it should they release something like that. In which case the Digitakt would indeed begone (thot)!

What i really expect (though i don’t really want) from Elektron is another Model:______. <== I’ll let you all fill in the blank.




I’m hoping for a new Model too, if only to stop me spending too much on other tempting noise makers…
I love the Samples, fall in love often with it :heart:



I want to see the image of that. I imagine hooking together an oscillator car with a distortion car, followed by a filter car and an effects car.

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You mean like this?

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I can finally stop pretending to be a musician and start pretending to be a train conductor.

In seriousness though, I reckon it’s gonna be some sort of model:drum synth if anything, and I reckon it’s probably why the digitakt didn’t turn into the “drum computer” it was labelled as. What with us coming up on 20 years for the machinedrum, the machinedrum model samples pack released the other day might be a hint. MD users will complain, and as is tradition “octatrack users will be very happy”


I guess in the same context as an Elektron Model series. Korg will show a new Volca:______. <== Again you fill in the blank. (They did add a Volca Rack.)

And perhaps something new for their Minilogue line. I see they now have a Pearl White Minilogue XD for instance.

And there was a rumor of some sort of revival of the Korg Triton, whether that’s an iOS app, or actual hardware is still a question.

I think Akai might announce the next MPC Live. I have been looking for one here in Japan and they are no longer available in stores or with online retailers. One shop in particular usually only lists discontinued items as Sold Out, and the MPC Live is listed this way.

It might just be that Akai are out of stock and need to make more, but they way they have disappeared from Amazon Japan, etc, has me wondering if something new is around the corner?


Probably new MPC studio too. I think new pads to compete with Maschine MK3 pads

I think universal price drop or trying to clear shelf space

I highly doubt their next product will be a sampler, seeing as there are 3 of them in the current line up at 3 different price points. Even if a DT Mkii makes an unexpected appearance it won’t be drastically different from the internals of the original DT - they strive to make things backwards compatible if you look at the other product lines.

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