NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


That says vector synth to me…just sayin…:rofl:


Oh man companies still doing those teasers
They’re not suspenseful, just annoying.
Just show us the thing when it’s ready for gods sake


Pretty sure its an add for colorful clown wigs.


with analog filters … but with extra “piano” keys like on the A4.


:thinking:… add a resonator and we get something that’s capable to kickstart the second revolution of digital hardware synths!

…and some freely assignable CV in and outs discreetly placed…for any gear…even for music unrelated stuff and ordinary household objects. I want to be able to control everything with CV!


:thinking: The Elektron announcement of Overbridge 3.0 :3lektron:


Seeing as OB 2.0 is almost two years old, it would be about time. I wonder what new features we can expect? Will mk1 boxes still be supported?


A Software Synth from Nektar???


ADDED: This is for real – details here. It’s $100, but $70 for intro. Nektar Bolt Nice sound.


Please no more tiny, plastic, acb, surface mounted, unoriginal, Roland harmonicas or accordions! I do have their tr8s but I’m pretty disappointed in how it handles samples and the tiny amount of memory.

I’ve always wanted a SP but they really haven’t done anything to intice a purchase over the past few iterations.

It would make since for elektron to do a wave table only synth. That would be great. I love how the big rush for analog seems to be shifting to digital with all of the fm and wave synths coming around these days.

Speaking of analog, I’d like to see something like a Moog one that is for the people who will never blow $4-$8k on a synth. It’s nice they finally did a modern poly but I guess I’ll have to wait for the behringer clone??

I remember some Modal synths from about 5 years ago that blew my mind, I’d like to see them or someone come back with something in that range but maybe more affordable. They sounded so thick and very customizable sounds.

Elektron make a fully featured machinedrum box in the original box size but with digitakt and machinedrum functionality. Basically, a digitakt with 16 channels, 16 lfo’s, more fx’s, multiple in/outs. I know it would probably kill the octatrack but go back to putting everything in their boxes again.

Same with monomachine and digitone. Combine the great parts of the silver boxes with the new smaller boxes.

Elektron needs a fix/mixer box. Something along the lines of a MX-1 but with some balls!

Moog subharmonicon maybe to line up with the mother and DFAM.

The return of Access would be a great surprise. I know he’s making some kickass head units now but get back over to synth development. He has said in an interview he may get back to it but unfortunately not anytime soon.:weary:

Linndrum 2 maybe? Maybe not for another few years? That would surprise the market. Roger is working on something but it’s “not being rushed”.

Arturia hardware digital synth? Maybe a version of their software one they just released?

Korg wavelouge sounds interesting.

I’m still intrigued by the Medusa, maybe something else from this merger of ideas.

Where’s the Percussa?


This is why OB is taking so long. They’re going to launch DigiBridge or OverBlend or…


I think there’s quite a strongly held belief within Elektron that the sequencer and synthesis are inseparable, but you have to look at the market and think that a standalone Elektron sequencer unit with all the tricks (and some new ones) with plenty of MIDI and CV/gate outputs would clean up. Currently the only real alternative is Squarp, or going on the waiting list for a Cirklon and spending £1500 once you get to the end of it.

Maybe they’ve looked at the Squarp Pyramid and decided the demand isn’t there.


yeah squarp but it’s so ugly and expensive, a sequencer only Elektronbox with midi/lots of cv gates/midi arps/etc/but also with possibilities of going backwards, random, etc must have ability to do euclidian sequencing! A sequencer/randomizer with lots of lights


You could add the SL mk3 to that list, which is pretty heavy weight on specs, not to mention the ableton integrations.

Not Euclidian like the squarp, but…


buy a second hand Pyramid problem fixed.


As someone else stated above, elektron’s way of business doesn’t wanna separate it’s sequencer from each machine they make. Which makes a lot of sense. Now a box with multiple fx tracks/channels that can be sequenced in each channel might be cool. Just one box dedicated to fx and mixer duties but has a sequencer for each channel would be a winner. Multiple channels, at least enough to house the individual outs for all of their current lineup at the same time. All rotaries send/receive cc. Transmit selectable cc/midi’s. Like I said, a MX-1 on steroids. Lfo’s galore! USB C for overbridge perhaps, everything could be multi tracked/multi fx’ed.

Mods, I may be in the wrong topic, maybe move me to what I’d like to see Elektron do next.


it’s an ugly instrument and I wouldn’t pay more than 450 or 500euros for it! And they don’t show up in Belgium, although it’s a french company I believe. And they don’t sell them in musicshops in BE I think.


I can sell you one of mine for 500 :smile:


My OCD! Why do those two units have different looks?


Different versions. They updated the hardware.


nevermind don’t need no more first batch units anymore, had to many problems with other gear! But we are way of topic here now, let’s get back to predictions and dreamgear…

I also hope for a behringer VCS3 clone and I’m looking forward to hear their take on a drummachine.
And maybe a Karp 2600 mini (hehe) although the TTSH is great but rather expensive.