NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

I’d love an elektron video box. Something that takes your samples and in a very playable way creates, merges, mangles video in real-time, plus can be sequenced and can sample/accept multiple source feeds. Like an octatrack for video, synchronized and reactive to your music.


Which raises the question how did Elektron do the graphic animation in the 7 Just Digitone and 2 Just Digitakt videos? (See them here.) They look like they were done with similar methods, and Elektron has certainly been playing at the edges of video performance at their shows and all. They are interested. If you wanted to develop a video box you’d need to test and experiment using it in production. Why not use it to produce promotion videos (nine of them!) for some of your other products?

Could this be a subtle way to send a signal and raise a little interest this time of year leading up to a big show? There certainly is interest, or perhaps a hunger, for a good performance video system.

So make it a prediction then ! (To get shot down with all the rest.)


that would also explain why they never answer on their videos about the visual-production…

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I’m surprised there aren’t more video boxes. A unit that holds clips stored as 1,2,3,4 bar loops that can be sequenced and synced to other midi gear. Launching clips synced with midi effects for live performances. Surely a gap in the market?


Not saying it’s what they did, but this a relevant vid:

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I guess Same is possible with Digitakt.

NAMM 2017 Digitrakt
NAMM 2018 Digitone
NAMM 2019 Keys?

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I’d really like to see that - I’ve been after a Korg Kaoss Pad Entrancer ever since I found out about their existence:


Also this:

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Those digitone visual vids are only being driven by midi cc ??? Nothing clever or new about those.
And the visuals on digitakt tunes would not entice me to buy that box , quite simple stuff , probably after fx or a Winamp plug-in.
Sorry , I’m jut not impressed by the visuals but as tutorials they’re a good thing.

All I wish is 4-6 part multitimbral polysynth or groovebox (analogue, wavetable, no FM), at least 8 voices. Elektron AK, Roland, Arturia…anyone??? Or should I go with Futuresonus?

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Yes, this!

The least one Drives it by audio.

Moog One? Waldorf Quantum? Yamaha Montage? Access Virus TI?

This progamable pedal looks insane.
Anyone have experiencevwith these?


I backed this with a pre-order but their production has been delayed a few times. So there is no way to know what it will be like. I like the idea, looking at their other pedal, which can be customized. This one will be quite similar, I guess, but more geared towards synth heads.

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It looks amazing - build your own chains and save them as presets.

If done well I bet you could use this as a mastering suite for both live and studio use.

I hope it goes well and the company supports it for many years to come.

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