NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

I really wish one of these mixer companies would troll forums like these to find out what the people really want. I’m only echoing what ideas others have already said above. We really do need something to integrate all of the Elektron machines into one sum, which essentially OB2 is doing. But there are still plenty of people like me who do not want to incorporate a computer into their setups.

A physical mixing board with an Elektron sequencer, even to just sequence fx’s at the minimum would be excellent. But something to send multiple Elektron machines to one place. They could even incorporate OB2 in it as a physical controller for overbridge.

Digi sizes might be too cramped for something with that much packed into it so it might have to be their new MK2 size.

And why not? It makes sense. It would sell like crazy! Who wouldn’t want to be able to have a center peice to semd all of your sounds to which could even be used to control everything in overbridge and add fx’s to each channel. I’d say a 18-20 channel fx mixer/overbridge controller would be a sure fire winner.

Something with ping pong, random, pendulum, zig zag with Elektron sequencing. Wow! That would be excellent.


even if the market is oversaturated with analog synths, analog four / keys is still a very relevant bit of kit IMO. Other analog synths are lacking in areas where these things shine (sound locking, CV sequencing, plocking and the mighty elektron sequencer)

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For a Elektron mixer
A new Octatrack with more stereo inputs and better effect/EQ + a external mix control box like this would do the job.


Elektron digivid.


I hadn’t even thought they were trying to tease something with that!

“Another minute. Another machine”

Okay, I stand corrected- it would seem Elektron do have something else to announce.


To be fair, they did a bunch of Digitone videos like this a couple of months ago. Seems like they used the same tech for all the videos though…

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Ah. Scratch that then.

Thanks for curbing the rumor mill early :smiley:

dammit. and here I thought they’re gonna announce the machinedrum synth machines to the digitakt. Now you ruined it for me :wink:

I know its just a daydream, but something like that would immediately change the way I feel about the digitakt. Right now it just feels like a rytm LE with an elektron MIDI seq thrown in

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You’re looking at it from the inside out. Looking at it from the inside in it’s a beautiful box. An invitation to the workflow we enjoy so much, Elektron’s best and most efficient UI to date(as of release of the DT)


A painful realization. + all the minutes needed for that new machine + the the old and older machines. :timer_clock:

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2 or 3 years ago there was a rumor from an “inside source” going around that Roland was set to release a sampler that emulated all the great sampler “colors” from days of yore.

There’s still a part of me holding on to that one.

I love my 303.

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Country roads…take me home…


Isn’t Machinedrum more of a Big Iron thing though?

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I was just thinking about this a few weeks back. I wonder if it was real?

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so perfectly designed…everything about it from material, color, and sound is pleasing to me.

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Stereo Inputs Please :pray:

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The source was adamant is existed and claimed to have been fired for leaking.

Perhaps another victim to Roland rehashing a very specific past.


Now that ob2 has been let loose my fingers are crossed for an Elektron performance mixer


Yeah i think whatever is next will take full advantage of OB and beyond: OT2esque, running things in and out of your computer / hardware, mangling to all heaven and back.

The question is wether they would release it with an OB in beta. After the DT debacle my bet is that they won’t. Besides it’s not like they’re pressed for time to impress anyone.