NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


I don’t think another product is unlikely, I just think that a preview of what new product exactly is being introduced, in an email a week before the convention is unlikely. Especially with the drop of OB2 pre NAMM. But I am actually kinda hoping for a few things to materialize from elektron.

But yeah, the update email already talks about “catch us at NAMM in booth xxxx with xxxx” saying they will be showing OB as well as some products. But no teaser videos for a new product have been released. Maybe they realized the heat teaser was so bad they are gonna shy away from them.


More Korg

A rainbow of Korg Kross keyboards with new sounds added, intended for EDM.


What’s this? – from Teenage Engineering – A Modular!?

Mod edit : discussed here fwiw >


MIDI 2.0™️ Prototyping plugfest (their words, not mine):


That’s exciting! I can’t wait to see how this influences future gear!

Would the new protocol require a material change? Or is it just changing the protocol and could apply to already existing gear?


Midi 2.0 – Adding auto-configuration, new DAW/web integrations, extended resolution, increased expressiveness, and tighter timing – all while staying backward compatible.

Sounds good to me.


Man those are some trippy color ways, but I like it.


well given that NAMM lists elektron also under the “keyboards” section, AK mk II might be a possibility


Now would anybody be disappointed if the keyboard turned out to be an elektron midi controller?

I wouldn’t


I hate teaser! Behringer and Roland were the worst. Elektron too with their Rytm teasing…ugh! But at least Elektron learned from that with the Digi Series.

I like what TE did now. No rumours, no teasing…just BOOOOM cool products, available now!


I personally would be very happy with a new Elektron box, since I’ll need to wait at least a year for the bugs to be worked out for me to be able to buy it! :joy: But joking aside, a new box would be great, I’m especially hoping for either a mixer/fx/sequencer as many have suggested or some sort of MD reincarnation.
Also looking forward to seeing what the Waldorf Kyra is all about.
Still hoping for new Roland SP sampler or new groovebox but not holding my breath.


Yeah I learnt my lesson with DT and Mpc Live. Waiting at least a year after release before buying anything Akai or Elektron now :relieved:


Yes that was my thoughts too, those videos don;t just appear. they are co-ordinated with the Youtuber.


akeys mk2 with full midi capabilities yas pleez

if elektron makes this in a similar sfx-6 formfactor to match the depth/width of the classic boxes/digi boxes i’ll pee my pants


The market is oversaturated with analog synths —if its “keys” a cheaper version of Waldorf Quantum but done Elektron way is what the market wants :slight_smile: I think we will see next week


Very japanese.


I saw the SP404A on sale at guitar center online. I think a new SP will be revealed


I’ve never had an SP and have often thought of getting one to pair with the DT. I could be tempted if something dope were announced.


They’re good machines. I regret not picking up the sp-606 when they went for 200 in the used market. My gut tells me each day until namm every manufacturer will have their reveal. So here’s to a Roland Monday !


We can’t say it enough that we need a serious mixer. Something like the Roland MX1 with better input and more inputs. Put an Elektron sequencer on it, some kick ass effects algorithms. Something with enough inputs for all of the outs on all of the current Elektron lineup. That would be dreamy.