NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


Yeah pretty quiet over all. I’d like to see AI put into gear soon. Algos that would automate parameters in ways we can’t manage without having more hands. You would play the instrument but the instrument would also play with you.


Well intentional “leaks” or real leaks?
Korg Volcas, minilogue XD
Akai Force


Speaking of force, kinda crazy, it’s stand alone…


exciting news no more :sweat:


It’s easy. Elektron registered 3 product categories for NAMM.
The third is Electronic Keyboards.
For what? Analog Keys MkI? Really? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This also becomes the perfect width (like OT/MKI’s), use some Meccano on rear to connect up VESA mounts :tada: )



Maybe its a farewell party for the Analog Keys? :wink:

(where they hand out the last ones to visiting customers?)


As far as I know, NAMM is industry and media only. It’s not open to the public, though I’m sure there are ways of getting in. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the big hardware reveal is a keyboard of some sort. It would be easy to say AK mk II, but I think more of the same isn’t going to cut it. They would def. get attention with some kind of multi-engined keyboard. Either combining the analog and digital voices they have, or maybe even analog + drum machine in one. That’s all just wild speculation, of course. Or maybe some mega-machine that has aspects of all their main products combined? :loopy:


after releasing OB2 it could also be some kind of master-DAW-controller with keys and p-locking plus some kind of complex sequencer and mixing utilities


SFX-8? SFX-12? (sentence)


Those new teenage engineering things are a surprise


Me too, not a fan of the new grey machines. MUCH prefer the squared-off black / silver boxes of the older machines.


No news in the newsletter my hope for a new product is bit gone now.

Keyboard product for me would be disappointing but nice for the ones that are more keyboard minded.
I like there products smal and connecting a midi keyboard is just fine for me.

The loopup endorsement of the Octa probably means that they are not interested in updating there world famous product jet.


With NAMM this coming weekend it’s highly unlikely that the update email elektron sent would mentions any product they plan to introduce. Wouldn’t wanna jump the gun on any announcements meant for the convention.


yes and no. sometimes companies (including Elektron) will throw out a “catch us in booth XXXXX for something exciting!” type of teaser. but these days, if they’re doing that, they’ll have a teaser video or other type of media to accompany it. either way, I’d have to agree that it’s unlikely anything new other than OB will be shown. but we’ll see…


Not open to the public ostensibly. This is from the NAMM web-site:

General Attendees

The following categories qualify to be a general attendee:

* Pro audio engineers
* Live sound professionals
* Event technology professionals
* Touring and staging professionals
* Venue and studio representatives
* Houses of worship representatives
* Educators and instructors
* Students
* Buyers of music, sound and event technology products

Note the catch-all last category. Do you know anyone who bought any music or sound products? With this it seems like the doors are close to wide open, certainly at least to anyone who hangs out in this forum. The other categories too – student, instructor, church goer. Maybe you plan to tour professionally. Any of that and you pay admittance gets you in.

Somewhere north of 100,000 people attend. It’s not Disneyland, but that’s only a mile walk away.

Here’s the on-line application if you want to go


Elektron would not be @ NAMM if they did not have a brand new product—expect another newsletter very shortly :slight_smile:


Elektron did Hint at something amazing to announce… could be just OB2, but then again… we’ll know soon enough though


I personally think it is a product, and I hope it is AK mk2.