NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

I’ve got my fingers crossed for Korg to step up and showcase a true successor to the legendary EMX-1…
The Minilogue sound engine in a groovebox that has a SONG MODE! I would be all over this thing… Don’t think it’ll happen but one can dream… Right?


Yeaaaa lot’s of new gear will be coming… love it.

I made a gear budget for 2019. Don’t want to spend without keeping it in a frame. As I will have a new space to work with I will also force myself to make “something” happen in exchange to spend the budget. Even if it is a small accomplishment. (Like making a sample pack).


My 2 cents…
Excited about the Waldorf Kyra, could be the first “expensive” synth I consider buying.
Would love to see a new Roland SP sampler, the last update to the 404 was a bit lame.
Very interested in seeing what Elektron unveil of course, any update to Digitakt and Digitone OS is most welcome. New looper/mixer/fx box would be awesome.
Apart from that, looking forward to being surprised!

I’m looking forward to the Empress Zoia.

Regarding the Roland SP samplers… how the hell is the new SP404a the best part of £400?? That’s ridiculously expensive for something so limited.

I’d love to grab an SP but quite frankly that’s extortionate.


Sequential OB.Prophet-16, 16 voice vco 5 octave keyboard with configurable Curtis and SEM filters.
Someone will tell Cenk to turn it, whatever it is, down.


The 606 was what the SP line should of evolved to. The velocity on it was good. The effects on it were good and so was the DA/AD. It was the poor mans MPC1000 at the time. All these years and the 404 doesn’t have velocity sensitivity. Oh well.

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Hell, it doesn’t even have a simple 2 stages amp envelop, nor pitch… I love it but working with it sometimes really demands a warrior level motivation.

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Yes, but after hearing a few Valkyrie audio demos from last NAMM, i think i like the sound of the Virus more. I can’t tell exactly what it is, it’s like something is missing in the sound.
But still one of the hardware synths i’m exited about. Unfortunately no wavetables Import and editing options, unless Waldorf implements this function.

Still hope Accsess delivers a real successor.


I was curious what happened with this thing. A lot of buzz a while ago has dissipated. If it’s still being worked on, then hopefully they lean back on their purely hardware ideals and include a USB port and software editor


Hey Kari – I think you are right that Waldorf will put it’s sound stamp onto the Kyra. The originator, Manuel Caballero, was pretty clear about the FPGA synth technology that he developed being capable of a wide range of different function. 80’s disco (or whatever that was) has probably seen it’s day.

Ryan, I asked about the Zoia too [HERE] and if you follow the bouncing links you can get some idea. Basically it’s on the way, and most probably will be at Namm – pretty much in the same form as we saw earlier – only this time ready to ship. (Contrary to one of my ‘far out’ predictions.)

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The fact that Waldorf is now involved in the development makes the Kyra even more exciting! I’m sure Waldorf will fine tune the whole project and hopefully add a few unique extras in the engine. I’m pretty sure Axel Hartmann will do a complete redesign to make it look less like a Virus and more autonomous.
I‘m also interested in the key version. If they release a Virus Darkstar/Polar like Kyra model i probably can’t resist buying one.


Was wondering that myself – so that’s your prediction Kari. I love his designs, he makes stuff for music makers.

Shoot. Pass

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More AR/ VR junk , trotted out by someone who’s spent a few days using unity / unreal.
Overbridge - I don’t think it’ll be ready , perhaps it’ll just be demo’d on digitakt.
Behringer - launching gear that we’ve been reading about during 2018
Roland - the finial set of boutique boxes
Opz modules and more examples of unity animations that people think are generated on opz.
nord - another sample set / organ
Korg - wavelogue .
Peak eurorack , gold plated cases with WiFi lights , machine learning . AI equipped bullish… random blips infused by the rings of undiscovered nebula in another dimension.
Endless remakes of guitars from 100’s of years ago , black T-shirt’s , guitar solos , pedals , yawn…


So re5et, what’s your vision of a Wavelogue? I get some idea from the name but i’d love to hear more detail on your prediction on what it would be.

As for guitars, Fender fairly recently released the Meteora which has caught my attention. Slightly retro but in a modern sort of way.



What I want is a Nord 5 with advanced wavetable synthesis with typical awesome Nord FM and filters. Physical modelling engine onboard.


And with good key action and after touch. I’ll kindly pay the premium

I better have money stashed for it just in case


My wallet really doesn’t want that to happen… :frowning:

  • Arturia- Keystep Pro

Why not a Nord Modular G3 with some modules for physical modelling?
I bet the preset just a Nord Keyboard or a new Nord stage…