NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


Im ready for DigiBass. An Elektron Minitaur with 24db filter, 64 step sequencer with plocks and OB.


I’m kinda stoked about the Strymon Volante. Other than that, I’m hoping not to get too wowed by any new product and knuckle down(learn) with the stuff I have :slight_smile:


If Elektron does come out with a new synth, I pray that it’s not missing song mode… Just sayin :slightly_smiling_face:


If Elektron were to release a new machine I’d hope for a Digi-Keys. An all out rendition of the DN with mini keys and no fm simplification. Full control of the operator pitches and levels. Be able to get as ugly as you want to get.

That being said, I’d be happy if they just showed off Overbridge


I’d buy this one:)


I like a updated version of the Octatrack of course with better effects/EQ, and a wider screen in color, all the features it has now can be copy pasted to the new version :slight_smile:

New concept:
Also would like a box with general controls and a FPGA inside. If you look at the boxes a certen interface repeats every time, the interface that a love to use.
Then they can spam me with new machines for that box year round instead of those patch packs i never need. They are already so addicted about pushing those, if they had new machines to push they will get even more excited.
Also it will save me some space on my desk if the not make dedicated hardware for every minor taste in synthesis. So it will be like a Monomachine you can buy in parts over the years. Nice way to keep it fresh to.


I’m personaly a bit torn about whether we’ll see something else than OB on NAMM 2019. Their development cycles have been pretty fast lately, but I think there was some advance info on Digitone before it got announced, like someone found Elektron trademarked that name, IIRC. There’s really been no such indications like that this time around.

But I wouldn’t be suprised if they do announce a new piece of hardware coming, it might just be a box with some lights right now. The Elektron team has been Super quiet for a while. It could be that they just have been focusing on OB, but it might be something else.


Smaller OT. DigiTrack


If overbridge was redbuilt from the ground up, its possible that the new version is as device agnostic as possible (ie. reusing most code for all elektron hardware). If that is the case, a new product could be announced at NAMM, and there’d be a very big chance that it would be overbridge 2 enabled very soon after launching.


Load in, load out, work out. I occasionally miss that side of gigging. I’m contemplating trekking across Europe with an A4 for a gig by train, so I’m glad it’s a Mk 1 for now.


lmao @ BoverBridge :laughing:


Nah, Octatrack is already digital, we need an analog OT, with eight tape recorders inside. You get a scissor for slicing.


Personally, I do not like the DN/DT form factor. I think it is right for an effects box, like Analog Heat, but I think the Octatrack/mkI boxes are the perfect size.

I would love to see Elektron do a pure sequencer. I’m sure there is a reason they haven’t yet, but it would be great. Incorporated into a mixer/effects unit would be even better. Octatrack is really close, but the I/O is a bit limited and not being able to do more than 4 note chords is a drag. I’ve been waiting on the Cirklon list for over a year, and I’m throwing in the towel and looking for another sequencer.

Failing that, I’d love to see another “flagship” machine. The MKII machines in the analog series haven’t been enough to make me change, but an 8 or 16 voice Digitone would definitely end up in my setup.

Now for the real world:
I’m eager to see what the new modules from 4ms and Make Noise are. I’m interested in the MOD Duo X. I’m really excited to see Alesis make something new, and I hope for something as great as the ion. And, I am admittedly curious about the Akai Force, though it looks uncomfortable to use.


I believe the Digitone is already 8-voice. It has 4 audio tracks, but 8 total voices, if I’m getting the specs right.


Ah yes. It is 8 voice. I think the 4 tracks is what I was thinking. Thanks for the clarification.

I still think it is too limited for me. Take that, give it 8 or 16 tracks, add some more outs. I guess I just want a modern spin on a Monomachine. :thinking:


Don’t we all? Haha. The mk2’s aside, my gut tells me that Elektron are trending toward looking forward these days. Seeking out new territory vs. rehashing older gear. Who knows though until we see what happens at NAMM.


+1 to this. they do an incredible job with sequencers and I’d love such a device. and with more and more people trying to work out of the DAW, I’d imagine there’s a market for it.

not holding my breath though. and I’m just gonna sit patiently on the Cirklon list…


Digitone + Digitone then :slight_smile:


You’ve probably heard this already, but just in case: have you looked into what the Deluge can do for MIDI sequencing? It completely replaced my OT in that department.


I feel like there’s less leaks than last year