NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


Plus it has a one knob per function UI, nö presets and nö Display, but a Midi and CV Patch Matrix!


That’s a dangerous precedent you’re setting there…

I felt pretty sad when they announced the AH- fearing they were venturing away from grooveboxes.

On the other hand, sometimes I’ll buy an Elektron groovebox just for one track…

I feel conflicted by this suggestion


Elektron FX - sequence fx filter, chorus, delay etc
Buchla - 100 series in Buchla format
Buchla euro modules


Elektron Octa Keys


:3lektron: Digitoast CM-1 : Toaster+Coffee Maker with Overbean quantized sync technology and Total Re-pour…


Hope it has conditional brews


Elektron sequencer as a eurorack module


Also Slice mode for whole loaves, uploadable User Grinds, free Ground Packs from Dripmasters and Espressos from Mars…


Darn! That’s brilliant! :smiley:


Analog Digi, Analog 1 with sampling included - i would buy it. Just because i like it comfortable. (And portability is also a plus.) With buffer shuffler stuttering FX would be cool.


Do you have any idea of what you’ve done?!

That’s like a person with two first names!




I really hope Buchla euro is not a rumour anymore


not guilty :stuck_out_tongue:


Behringer won’t be at NAMM, they’ll set up their own conference in the car park of a local McDonald’s, with half-price entry.

It’ll be called NOMM.



I’ll take a McLinn drum combo :fries:


Watch it be another release date


Not a wish as such, but I’d be surprised if Roland don’t cash in and release a bigger JP-08 with some sort of FX. Who knows maybe even a full analogue version this time. I’d probably have to buy it, if they did.


Make Noise audio processing module I hear…


Akai thingy