NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


Why do companies hide releases till the show? Is it done for a reason?




New Elektron sequencers that does ping pong mode, understands the realm of singularity and infinity.

And OB easter egg mode will be revealed.


Well that’s what shows are for I guess …
Usually they just announce and show case prototypes and release to public on a later date.
A show is kinda an occasion where everyone in the industry have eyes on what’s new


Announcing at or very near (and in relation to) the show consistently gets them more media coverage (even in aggregate) than if they announce on their own at random throughout the year. At least, that’s the theory, and since companies who do participate in NAMM and other events pay megabucks to do so, they’re probably less willing to dilute their marketing expenditure with additional announcements and thus they reinforce the idea.

Smaller companies don’t seem to have too much trouble announcing “off-cycle” but as soon as they get a large enough following to warrant a booth at a conference, it sucks up most of their available marketing dollars and they fall in line with the cycle too.


Im just thinking if everyone hides their products till the same show then it could be one gets all the limelight(everyones talking about …) and the rest get lost.


Cuckoo just did a nice little jam with the Empress Zoia, which I’ve been following closely for what seems like an eternity. He stressed it’s still in beta, so maybe not gonna be announced at NAMM again?
Assuming they’ll show off a beta unit


This would definitely be a Teenage Engineering product :rofl:


I was wondering if Zoom is going to update the F4? Anyhow I’ll be looking for a cool field recorder. Might just get the Sound Devices Mixpre 3M if nothing new at NAMM.


Re Zoia – Beta is no barrier to NAMM. Remember now Elektron showed off a dummy Digitakt in a glass box?


Yeah, that can happen, but I’d say the tradeshow model is a vestige of the pre-internet days. It used to be the one place to show off all your new products / projects where you’ll get maximum exposure to press and publicity. Nowadays, the internet has reduced the need for such shows, but they’ll hang around for a while, it seems. Someone has to win best of show, or make a fool of themselves at the after party. :champagne::tada:


Oh, for sure. Empress showed off a working prototype/early beta version of the Zoia a couple years ago. Hope they’re able to release it this year. Looks too interesting to pass up for me


It was just one year ago, seems longer to me waiting. Likely they’ll announce a ship date soon. Empress have been working on this for the whole year. Should be a full fledged hit.


I agree :slight_smile:


What I would love but I doubt we’ll see is a keyboard with 8 tracks where you can select different machines for each track, a bit like the monomachine and machinedrum but with more polyphony. I love all-in-one machines but elektron have moved away from this approach since the monomachine (the only box that is kind-of all-in-one).

More realistically (I think) would be a digital effects box with 4 inputs that applies a range of effects to hardware using the elektron sequencer. That would be cool


OPZ with an external keyboard is pretty close to what you’re after. Or, at least, as close as you’re gonna get for now with multiple tracks and Elektron type sequencer in hardware form. Worth checking out of you haven’t already.

Speaking of OPZ, any news on potential modules for NAMM?


An elektron guitar with p-lockable frets and crossfaders for strings and 88 full size hammer action keys please


Dude. That mixed with Elektron’s other sequencer tricks would be phenomenal! Especially considering individual track lengths and conditionals. Woo baby! That small addition would be an exponential increase in possibilities.


This has previously been discussed.

Though, I feel sorry for the guy that’s gonna have to demo that at NAMM. I know he’s working day and night practicing with it so he doesn’t fumble around awkwardly trying to operate the thing, even more because he’s going to have to prove that it’s a fluid workflow.


I kinda don’t get what it is to be honest …
Is it supposed to run ableton without a laptop ? that would be interesting for in the box people or is it push with an audio interface ?