NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


It’s the no-idea-is-too-stupid discussion that should go on in any creative corporation.


I’m not speaking with any sort of authority at all, so no need to take it as a serious argument of any kind. Just riffing :slight_smile:
From what I understand, the OB beta is working great and that’s fantastic news, but clearly it was much more difficult and took much more time than anyone would’ve imagined. My initial thinking for a hub of some sort was just riffing for potential workarounds. At no point did I presume to know what the best solution was!
I’m also a huge Elektron fan and take each machine for what it is. If they scrapped OB altogether I’d happily accept that because the machines offer such a great ‘instrument-like’ workflow that I’ll be spending years learning new ways of making music, even if none of the machines never received another update again. It’s all gravy at this point as far as I’m concerned



Elektron @ NAMM teaser [January 2019]

Well there you have it! Thank you Simon.


Yeah! Haha. I know how this would have ended otherwise. Endless hype for a big Octa-nothing. Saved you some sleepless nights I hope. :slight_smile:


Thanks Simon…
I’m usually not one to feed the rumor mill, but I can’t say I wasn’t curious… :smiley:


Talking of sleepless nights Simon – will you be at NAMM 2019?


Sadly no. :frowning:
Would have loved some sleepless nights in LA.

Hah no worries, I would’ve been intrigued as well!


Thank you, I learnt a new word today (that I can even see myself using at some point):

  1. make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.


Good to hear, Octatrack is beast mode anyway :wink:


Have you used one? Worth every penny in my opinion


So true. I am hoping for a Teenage PO32/ MicroTonic Engine in the Digitakt format. Instant buy for me. I always wanted that as a standalone drummachine and was very disappointed with the flimsey tiny PO35, though it produces a huge Sound. I already have a Plan to create a nice Tonic Sampleset out of those Microtonic VST sounds for Digitakt…If Elektron releases that Digidrum…i might save that Work…


It would sure be cool to have OB2, but I’d be a lot more excited for a “rent-to-own” program.


I didn’t like the PO35 either (sold mine), but the PO32 w/ the Microtonic software is much better IMO, build quality aside.

In the absence of a drum synth by Elektron, Microtonic is actually pretty amazing for creating synthesized drums to feed the DT.


If i had to guess, It won’t be OT related at all. I think they’re content just leaving OT alone for a while, Overbridge for it is something they’ve clearly shown they aren’t going to do. I’m smelling another piece of hardware, what it will be is unclear. If i had to guess it would be a mixer in the style of Analog Heat


I know it’s been said before but I can’t resist. A mixer with effects and a sequencer with p-locks… A different effect per channel? I honestly don’t think it’ll happen though.


Really hope they release something like this with some updated engines. they could really paint the town “red” :innocent:



My guess for Elektron: Overbridge Public Beta and maybe Elektron Analog Keys MK2 (successor with 8 voices).


Here is my prediction. :grin:

To Celebrate 7th Anniversary of Analog 4…
Analog One
2 Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth
Same form factor of Digitone
Same structure like Analog 4
But just 2 track
No Perf. Mode
Less price than Digitone
Can use as expander with Analog 4 (Polychain)

No overapping with Analog 4 mk. ii
Cheap Beginner Elektron Synth
Everyone that already had A4 users can feel attractive with this one. because it can expand poly voice.

My 2 cents…