NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


Or a mouse and keyboard. I can edit samples faster on soundforge with a mouse + keyboard than any other interface.


Lmao about the Walkman.


Elektron (Standalone,Soundcard/Overbridge II) hardware mixer–heat on every channel


Korg just teased new gear on twitter. It looks like it’s something small, so a new volca might be possible.


Over at GearNews they think it’s larger than a Volca and they say this:

It looks like it could be about the size of the Minilogue or Odyessy and doesn’t seem to be remotely Volca-like. Although, of course, it may not be anything of the kind. It could be a fabulous new take on the EK-50 entertainer keyboard. Korg can do very little wrong at the moment and so I’m quite excited to see what they’ve been up to.

Earlier in this thread re5et mysteriously suggested the Korg “Wavelogue”. Anyone else have a prediction?


Yeah the angle and knob size looks nothing like a Volca. Another synth probs.
But I do hope the Volca leaks turn out to be true!


Been waiting forever for this


re: the new korg. wish they’d make a volca electribe, as in all their volca tech combined in a bigger format. 8 tracks or whatever with a more extensive sequencer.

I mentioned this last year too… think I’ll make it an annual thing :smile:


The SX has not been bested.
With a sync out… :exploding_head:


Tascam will do that!! Their new tape decks keep coming and getting better

I am going to teach my son how to make mixtapes, the way I did. And just record anything to his toy cassette recorder with mic (still hidden, he will get it next year). Screenless fun for a change and piece of mind, maybe.

Oooh … just double checked on the price tag …
Maybe a fully-serviced Sony-ES or Nakamichi deck is a better deal.


Looks sxy! Needs a green replaceable battery IMHO.


I was already drooling over this half a year ago…but…Only US Release…boooh.


My guess is a digital drum synth.
Similarities to the MD without being a rehash.

So far, they’ve mirrored the Dark Trinity:

OT = DT (8 track sampler)
A4 = DN (4 track synth)
RYTM = DigiDrum?

What I really want is an Elektron video synth. Imagine being able to use their synth engines/LFOs/Sequencer for visuals, + video “sampling” for video loops.

Video inputs + audio trigger inputs. Maybe even an audio in/mixer function. My only concern would be whether or not the screen can give a decent enough preview.

The OPZ and the Critter + Guitarri ETC + modular video synth world prove that there’s a (small) market for it. They could jump in early enough to takeover the market.

Got the idea from the visuals for the recent DN promo videos. Maybe it’s a hint/preview?!

It’s a long shot, but it’d definitely be an INSTABUY!

Edit: obviously, video mixer functionality for video synths, samples, and video inputs!


I saw it at Thomann

and watched this review

The comments are golden for alternatives :wink:

I already have a few decks, Technics, Realistic and a Sony walkman from my wife from the 80s. Currently not looking to get another.

For EU market, serviced second hand this site is worth a look:


The problem with this is that the Volca series maintains a low cost, and a unit with all of them would no longer meet that criteria. What I do expect is the “Epilogue”, which will wrap up the -logue series. Maybe some kind of analog-FM blend, or as mentioned earlier, an homage to the Wavestation (hopefully weighs less).

What I would be interested in is a $1000 Sequential poly, as they seemed to be phasing out the Mopho X4 last year, and I almost expected something in NAMM 2018.


So, this is definitely in the realms of “never going to happen, but I like to dream”… I was mulling over the second hand prices of the Nord Modular G2 which are not inconsiderable but also the form-factors that they released it in. 2 sizes or keyboard and a featureless rack mount box.

Anyway, on the long drive to my folks on xmas I got to thinking that it would be really cool is Native Instruments took another step towards the hardware world. Basically, I’m imagining a desktop unit that allows you to use Reaktor in a stand-alone fashion. The unit would have perhaps 2 or 4 in’s and a similar number of out’s with 8 macro knobs and large LCD screens like on the latest Komplete Kontrol S-series or Maschine Mk 3. So, you’d plug it into the computer and load ensembles onto it that are comprised of the various Blocks (bonus points if it could cope with the user Blocks from the UL but even just NI’s factory Blocks would be amazing) and configured to use the macro knobs, midi in’s and out’s and audio in’s and out’s appropriately. Then you can disconnect it from the computer and use it stand-alone. With that sort of approach it’d be a cinch to quickly adapt the factory Blocks ensembles to be used in the device.

I’d imagine that having something like that and a DT would make a really amazing live setup… but it’s all a bit pie in the sky as no doubt there would be a hundred and one technical and commercial reasons that would make it a non-starter… nevertheless, i can dream.


I’m hoping Korg makes the right decision… The Electribe3. This time using the Prologue or Minilogue sound engine with a powerful sequencer… I understand the appeal of the Volcas but they seem like cheap toys to me…


Yes, totally dope if they would instantly release the Electribe 3 mk2! Pushing forward.


I don’t think we can see the unit at all from the point of view of the picture, but some people seem to also be pointing out at a Mono/Poly reissue on the twitter thread.

So, all bets are out I guess.


Wow! Nice Finding! Thank you!