NAMM 2018 - News, Announcements hopes and rumours

NAMM 2018 25.1-28.1

Let’s have a thread dedicated to the upcoming NAMM.

What’s your wishes? Any rumours? New leaks and official announcements?

I will update this list constantly!
Be aware the the prices may vary, depending where you life and where you buy. The following list is not complete. All statements without guarantee!
Feel free to post any NAMM news or links in this thread.


Analog Solutions

  • Treadstone a analog monosynth only 13x12cm, 16 step sequencer, a few patchpoints, 570€!


  • Vortex wireless 2 a midi controller in form of a keytar.


  • Minibrute 2 (Second Oscillator, semi modular(48 patch points), Keys from Matrixbrute with aftertouch, FM exponetial and linear, Arp, Sequenzer)
  • Minibrute 2S (Pad instead of Keys, Small LED, Sequenzer is different(additional values)
  • Arturia showed pictures of a small Eurorack case(just a case no Arturia modules)


  • VC340 (copy of Roland’s VP-330 vocoder)


  • Nord Electro 6 Stagepiano with organ and synth section, everything based on samples. Three split zones possible.

Dave Smith Instruments:


  • Dark Energie III a semi-modular analog synth with a different circuitry. 2 LFOs, Multmode Filter, FM via Adsr and LFO, Am

Electro Harmonix:

  • EHX 95000 a looper


  • Digitone is a FM Synthesizer combined with subtractive synthesis methods. 8 voices, 4 FM Operators with 8 different algorithms, Size and designed like the Digitakt. 4 synth tracks and 4 midi tracks, 2 LFOs per Track, multimode filter, Elektron Sequenzer with all the good stuff like parameter locks, condition triggers etc. Chorus, reverb and delay fx, Midi in/ou/through. Sterio input, sterio Output, USB, Headphones. Overbridge compatibly. A synth track can have different sound patches on different tracks.

Erica synths:

  • Graphic VCO is a eurorack modul that allows you to draw waveshapes and whole wavetables. Or use waveform from the memory. Enough knobs and path points for all kinds of modulations. Beautiful GUI on a high res screen. Snapshot feature (saves all current settings). Inclusive suboscilator that can be a copy of the original custom waveform or a traditional waveform.

  • Resonat Equalizer is a Eurorack Equalizer with resonance, 12 Bands, a screen with another beautiful GUI. Lots of modulation possibilities. Lots of patchpoints for automations.


  • PROLOGUE 8 and 16 (Hybrid Synthesizer, bi-timbral, lots of sound shaping options, 49keys for the 8voice model / 61keys for the 16 voice model, Multi Engine for the digital part(for digital waveforms and FM) customisable oscillator programs(?!), 2 VCOs and 1 DCO, 1 VCF, 2EG, 1VCA, just 1 LFO)

  • Volca Mix a Mixer with two Mono and one sterio channel, a power distributor for three Volcas, send FX/alternativ another sterio AUX in for return fx, low/hi cut filter, sync out. Doesn’t work with battery’s, two speakers.

  • D1 a digital piano

  • ARP odyssey with full size keys in Rev. Design

  • SQ-1 a new version of the sq-1 step sequencer in arp odyssey design.

  • KR 55 a drum sample player/Rhythm machine mainly for guitar, small bands without a drummer


  • SP1 Stagepiano („starter Model“), 88 keys, up to 256 voices, split and layer possibilities.


  • DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, a drum Synthesizer with 8 step sequencer.

Nativ Instruments:

  • Sample Service

Pittsburgh modular:

  • Microvolt 3900 synthesizer modul. A analog monosynth like the 0-coast or Dreadbox Abyss. Includes a wave folder and 39 patch points. Available in April for approx. 630$

Radikal Technologie:

  • Delta Cep A is a Synthesizer in Desktop/and Eurorack format with a swarm oscillator (8 digital copy’s of the oscillator(?!)), mult-mode Filter, 900€


  • Roland GP609 Digital grand piano. Seven speakers, 319 sounds and a polyphony of 384 voices! 12 Parameter to adjust the sound. Available in black and in white for 9’999€

  • 808 and 909 as plugin with Roland’s ACB technology. Only available via cloud service.


  • ELZ 1 (Digital Synthesizer, Portable, 6(!) Different synth Engines, With FM, sampling, drawing waveshapes granular and other interesting forms of synthesis. Of course subtractive, so you have multimodal filter, Eq, Rev, delay…), it’s the size of a OP-1 but the GUI is more traditional but still funky. Has a speaker. Unfortunately no sequencer. price will be under 500 USD.

Soma laboratory:

  • PIPE a breath and voice controlled synth/FX machine, can produce some really experimental sounds, very interesting and innovative!
    Approximately 450€


  • Magneto, a echo/looper for the


  • SL73 Studio midi controller. A smaller version of the 88key controller/Midi keyboard

  • Numa compact 2x, Stagepiano. Three sound sections with 88 different sounds. A synth engine based on the Studiologic Sledge. 1 GB sample memory. Can be splittend into four zones. (It’s a little bit like the Clavia Nord Electro.)

Teenage Engineering:

  • Pocket Operator “PO-33 K.O” can sample via intern mic. and play sequences of samples, inclusive 15 effects.

  • Pocket Operator “PO-35” a vocal synthesis machines. 8 different engines to mangle your samples. And a drum machine.


  • STVC is a Digital Synthesizer based on Waldorfs „streichfett“, inclusive vocoder.

  • Quantum, Waldorfs new flagship synthesizer. Hybrid architecture. 4 different synth engines: Classic waveforms, wavetables, granular and resonator. Analog multmode Filter plus digital filters. Wavetables can be created via sampling on the quantum. 3 OSC. 6 LFOs and 6 Envelopes generators !
    Including „Nave“. Touchscreen and a clever modulation system. Price approximately > 3500€


  • Montage gets a software and OS update to 2.0. It includes the software „Sample robot“, a tool to create your own samples from other instruments, which can then be played chromatically on the montage. Several modifications and bugfixes and it’s now possible to import sounds/patches from the DX7, DX7II, TX802, Tx816 and the Motif series.

Native Instruments doesn’t attend NAMM nor do they release at NAMM time. You can probably strike that from your list.

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I believe there has been mention of something non volca related coming out of Korg.

Thanks! I did expect them, since they got a 60 mio $ investment. Had a little bit of hope that they gonna create a synth or something…

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That would be rad if they made a hardware synth!

Yes they have awesome software, knowledge and lots of $, it could be so awesome!

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My wish for this years NAMM:
Something really innovative in terms of sound design. A digital hardware synth with different forms of sound synthesis. Or something like the G2 from Clavia.

Yamaha Montage Desktop would be a step in the right direction.
Or Anew Virus( I know that’s very unlikely)

I want high end technology!

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Elektron- speculation of Digitone a digi-style digital synth :heart:


I want a Kontrol s88 mk2 more than anything(from Native Instruments).

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:smiley: i just did read this in another post, now its starts to get really interesting!


I mostly knew your reply was based on the digitone- but a part of me wanted to believe you were talking about seeing a Kontrol s88 mk2 in another thread…

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I’m the opposite, I want an s25 mk2!


I just want weighted keys and that cool display for all my Komplete/Arturia/Korg Gadget/NKS plugins…

Both are inseparable for me- I can’t compromise on this…


Ihave to admit, it really does looks sexy.

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Any rumours about Roland? More boutiques or something really new?

The Arturia Minibrute 2 and 2S reminds me very much of Novation Bass Station 2 and Circuit Monostation…
And both together can still only do half of what the Analog Four can do…

Radikal Technologies

It sounds like poison to me👍

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Hardware version of Tim Exile’s “the Finger”


That korg poly is rumoured to be an 8 voice… if it has patch memory, a mod matrix, microtuning, sounds great and is priced aggressively I might be seriously tempted. A grandiose polysynth is still missing from my rigs (and a wavestation doesn’t count lol)

Also, I would love seeing more competition in the A&H qu pac -style digimixer department. I feel like the qu pac is a very good product and am frankly puzzled why there is so little competition against it… Since ”multitrack USB mixers” seem to be all the rage?


I would love to see the engine of the Volca FM in a Monoloque style format, including the motion sequencer, oled screen. Controllers (knobs etc) are divided 2 parts. One part for the main functions plus a 2nd user part which can be configured by the user.
Of course all parameters can be controlled externally as well via CC.