Mutable Instruments - Open source code rewritten for Organelle

Thought there might be some heads over here interested to hear that the original code for Braids, Clouds, Warps, Rings, Grids and Elements has all been rewritten in patches for use on the Critter and Guitari Organelle now. Some are still works in progress with full feature sets on the way but Elements and Clouds in particular are sounding fantastic. I might try to make a bit of a video demo of these patches actually, they are rather epic. Hail organelle patch masters!


Cool. Don’t have one of these gadgets but looks fun. Would like to hear demos of these :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t get too excited. The patches are based on the modules and are not clones.

Yeah wasn’t too excited, just curious really.
Doesn’t sound that good I presume?

I am excited. Why shouldn’t I be?

Been really interested in the Organelle of late, might grab one sometime if I see a decent deal.

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You can get as excited as you like. The reason I’m not excited is because I have a few of these modules and know that they only come ‘alive’ when heavily modulated with CV.

Granted the Organelle doesn’t have CV control, but using PD you can add as many modulation sources as you want with the front panel controls attenuating or controlling these. Or use MIDI LFOs (from the Digitakt for example).

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Don’t have a clue about inner workings and software of the Organelle or Mutable, but seeing as they are both digital and run on software, something sonically similar could be theoretically possible I would have thought?
Again, don’t have a clue, just curious as I have owned all the Mutable modules mentioned except Elements, and am interested in what this little gadget can do similar to these great modules.
Now where’s the demos :grin:

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In fact one of the patches already features Braids Cross Modulated with Warps. You can modulate Elements with audio in. I’m using CC’s from my octatrack to modulate values in the patches at the moment, but there’s nothing to say you couldn’t have some controllable automation of these parameters from within the patch.
Seeing as an organelle costs about as much as one of these modules - i’m damn excited. Even if they are not exactly the same as the mutables patches, is that so terrible? They sound great regardless.

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Already available in the very wonderful €65 Axoloti … of which I have 3 and sadly no time to tinker with!


Same guy who wrote them for Axoloti is on it with Organelle now :slight_smile:

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hi …

as the author of these… first can I say these are only possible due to the huge generosity of Olivier at Mutable Instruments, in making his source code open source - I think its very important to recognise this. a huge thank you for this.

as mentioned by @mokomo , I was also also responsible for bringing some of these modules to Axoloti, Johannes and I shared the effort, I concentrated mainly on Elements and Clouds :slight_smile:

In time I will also be making these externals available on PC/Mac, and also Bela/rPi, and open sourcing, with help files etc. at the moment, Ive held back, to focus on getting the dev done and also while I ‘refine’ the interface.

I have to say I do enjoy them on Organelle, as its nice to develop ‘full patches’ for use, whilst Axoloti I also really enjoy, as it promotes a more modular/patch it yourself mentality… so both have a great place.

Ive a couple of Axoloti, one of which almost permanently runs clouds and some midi ‘utilities’, this is now often connect to my Organelle (which I only got a couple of weeks back)

so on to some points raised:

  • Modulation
    the heart of the patches Ive released are a set of pure data externals, so you can build your own patches with whatever modulation you require, PD is after all a ‘digital modular’ … so these are at least as flexible as the eurorack , and in many ways more… as you don’t have physical limitations, and sometimes more options from the underlying code are exposed :wink:

  • "Sonically similar’
    yes, this is a good way to put it… at the heart the code is identical to the eurorack modules (at least on ARM)… however the hardware does come into it. the eurorack module use a particular chip (stm32f4 often), which is limited in power but is 100% dedicated to that task. Axoloti is closest to this but not identical (since often you want to run other code too) , Bela is quite close as it also have real time and tiny audio buffers - and then other platforms tend to be larger buffers. Also the native sample rate can different (depending on MI module, as they are each different)
    of course, though, the proof is in the sound… and on all platforms Ive found them pretty good, perhaps with some small limitations on some platforms.
    so yes they are sonically similar, but I would not claim identical

of course, I also hope, for those lucky enough to have a eurorack system, if you use these modules, then perhaps you will be encouraged to buy the MI eurorack modules, perhaps it’ll even convince a few to get into eurorack :slight_smile:


That is actually something I want to work on … I’ve been so busy getting the basic patches/externals all developed, not left a lot of time for music with my new organelle.
but now the first pass of this is done, I’m going to flip over to a more musical focus for a few weeks… I also need to prepare for an musical event in a few weeks, so another good excuse :wink:


Awesome. Thanks for the info. It does sound pretty cool.
Now I’m going to finally have to have a harder look at this Axoloti thing also I guess.
Heard it’s sort of like a Nord Micro Mod? One of my favourite synths
Any videos or audio of the Mutable Axoloti stuff floating around?

I’m recording a few examples of sounds right now :slight_smile:

Awesome! Would be amazing to have these as a VST one day :wink:

Ive done a couple (not as many as I should have by now ;)) on with MI on Axoloti.

this one is basically braids, clouds… I think elements (but cant remember for sure)
all done on the axoloti, I’m just using ableton for midi sequence launching.

I also did this one with clouds whilst I was figuring out the bastl kastle, more ‘experimental’ … but shows off a bit more mangling possibilities

but I do need to do some better ones… Ive been getting some nice stuff from the organelle, in the last few days

oh, and someone else did some great examples with the Linnstrument, mainly using Braids/Elements and rings reverb (IIRC - I may be wrong, been a while since i looked at the patches) . patches are available on the community library, so free for use , and to take and explore.


This may be a dumb question, but which sounds better between the Axoloti and Organelle versions? Is there a meaningful difference?

honestly theres probably not a lot in it, they are a bit hard to compare though, as whilst the MI code is the same, the patches running on them are different… so they highlight different things.

really choosing between Axoloti/Bela/Organelle … is more down to what you want…
Axoloti/Bela are lower latency, better for building your instrument and are ‘bare boards’
Whilst Organelle is a complete finished instrument, so you can use without patching.
(and of course the price are not similar either!)

I also personally prefer the Axoloti patcher over Pure Data (PD) , I think its got a more ‘musical focus’ (like the nord modular) … a bit like the difference between Reaktor and Max - but others will disagree or just like the familiarity of PD, and I am slowly starting to get to like PD a bit more now (really disliked it initially ;))

i will say though, Ive been surprised at how much Ive enjoyed the immediacy of the Organelle, much more than I anticipated… I was a bit skeptical before I got it, thinking Axoloti/Bela already covered the same ground, but now Im really glad I got it.


Fantastic what you’re doing, and I agree, big thanks go to Olivier for making the code open source. Been a huge fan since my Bhajis Loops days.

I love the idea of diving deep into PD / Organelle but my attention span can be somewhat limited and I’d need to learn PD from scratch! Love that you can just stick a load of user patches on there and work through them though. Do you think getting an Organelle and not diving into creating your own patches is a bit of a waste?