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I may have searched badly but I can’t find places to advertise upcoming concerts.
Obviously, your concerts are eagerly awaited.

I imagine that it could be interesting for elektronauts to simply inform, share, and even why not meet there.

I suggest using:
Country / City / Concert hall / Date
in the first line then the flyer/info/address of the dedicated site…

If you have an idea for improvement, say so.

To avoid clogging the forum with everybody’s individual gigs, just post in the applicable existing topic in the “Social/Event” category:

for example, Helsinki, Finland:

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The idea was rather to group together information about upcoming concerts, nauts or not.

I didn’t have the impression that so many concerts were announced and being subscribed to a feed reduces the risk of missing a date.
For example, I was going to share here a date in Brussels for Autechre, if the thread is general, an Italian, a Polish or a French person can decide to go there, a separate thread on a country or a specific concert is less effective, I would easily share an event there although I certainly wouldn’t make a thread on purpose, it’s only my opinion obviously.
If you find the thread unnecessary I can have it removed.

Belgium / Bruxelles / Ancienne Belgique / April 4, 2024

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Germany / Berlin / 90mil / 9 Dec 2023 (a week from tomorrow!)

It’s the artist community I founded during the pandemic - we host music retreats, workshops where we teach each other techniques, jams, and now our first showcase. I will debut a live electronic jam band and play a short liveset on OT, DN, TR8s, and with a vocalist.

3 rooms with over 10 live acts and 10 DJs across a variety of genres including techno, electro, breaks, punk, shoegaze, singer/songwriter/live-looping, experimental, ambient, industrial and even witch house. It’s a showcase of our entire community’s projects over the last year:) At least 3 of us will be using elektron machines:)

It’s 15-20€ suggested donation, less if you can’t afford. Sliding scale. Money goes directly to the artists + a small portion to the legal funds of OYOUN community space that just lost its funding.

I’m very proud of our little growing, grassroots DIY community of musicians, and would have some Elektronauts there to see what we’re doing!

Resident Advisor:

Info and updates on Telegram (no spam I promise)


“Simon & Karfunkel” :sweat_smile:

I always liked artists who twisted other artists’ names (or others) to make their own…
I have a few examples in mind but they are French-speaking and less amusing here…

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Belgium / Bruxelles / Ancienne Belgique / Mars 13, 2024

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