Munro Sonic Egg monitors

For those in Europe…these are the MunroSonic Egg 150 monitoring system:

they used to retail for 3799€, they are no longer officially supported, but given that these were made in the UK I think that shouldn’t be a huge issue (Andy Munro also has a new company one could always write with questions, I’m sure)…point being, this deal is pretty nuts (currently at 847€ new!) if you’re looking for a very good monitoring setup. I ordered a set immediately because I always liked the sound of these.


I spent 3000US on mine in 2015. This is a good deal


I gotta stop checking new replies to this thread. It’s gonna be the end of me.


I know what you mean…with these though I just couldn’t hold back, I heard them 5-8 years ago and loved them, so this is too good to pass up for me. My Dynaudio Airs are currently out of order and I need to have them fixed, so currently I’m using my Kali LP-6 and they are simply not good enough anymore after having gotten used to something so much better (Dynaudios). These should do nicely and will complement my setup no matter what.

Also the link I shared somehow links back to B-Stock (“almost new”) at 827€, but they also have brand new ones for 847€ - that’s the one I ordered.

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Tempting. What about the frequency response ? Is the bass good ? Global feeling ?

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Been using mine in the studio for at least 9 years and they’ve always been amazing monitors to use in the studio. That’s a definite bargain!!


It’s been 7-8 years since I last heard them but I remember being really impressed with the stereo imaging / sound stage and the resolution of details across the frequency spectrum. Sound on Sound has a detailed review of these in their original, China(?)-made iteration, back then branded by SE Electronics. The MunroSonic version came after, was made in the UK and had some (seemingly) minor improvements on amp design, component quality and headphone amp, according to forums & press material.

@robinrimbaud awesome, thank you for sharing your experience! Makes me even more excited, these should arrive tomorrow, can’t wait!


Yes, there were issues with fuses blowing in amp in the first generation that I had but that was fixed very quickly and efficiently and never had an issue since.

Bass response is amazing, compared to other monitors I had been using before. I could actually finally hear frequencies in music I’d not heard before.

Have fun with them!!


Tempting stuff, but Im going to save the money and treat my room first. My JBL monitors need a fair shake before I upgrade.


I’m not sure tbh… but that’s way less than the VAT, 2%-5%, right?
Might be worth assuming you are paying it.

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Please someone talk me out of buying these.


Mac M1, plus good headphones and Ableton - winning (less time holed away in studio).

Best I can do.


They are on sale on the UK site as well. You’re welcome.


I know.



I was very tempted this afternoon. Don’t have monitors at the moment.

But I don’t have a treated room, and feel a bit bad for neighbours on both sides (live in a terrace house), so use headphones 90% of the time.

It would be a bit of a waste if I’m not going to use them all the time, and if my room has shit acoustics anyway.

But I was very tempted nonetheless. Read the review on Sound on Sound, and they seem great.

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buy them!!!



Fknel… same here… I don’t need more speakers but, ya know…


How is the bass response? They seem pretty small…
Also, it looks like you can buy it “new” for even cheaper: 769.00

edit: looks like you addressed the first question already

Nope you can use anything with an 1/8th. I use my AIAIAI wireless, or Koss.

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@CCMP @Fin25 We could do a group buy and ask for a deeper discount… :joy:

I’ve already bought them, but that’s an even crazier price for these. Share the link!

My 2 cents:
if you have really good monitors (PMC, higher grade Dynaudios, Neumanns, Amphions, higher grade Genelecs etc) no need for these, unless you want a second set of something to alternate when mixing.

If you have JBLs, Rockits, Kalis, Behringers, M-Audios or Presonuses, or even lower grade Adams consider that these will be a significant upgrade for a price that you will not find often for this level of quality.

Personally, upgrading to a higher level set of monitors made a world of difference to me. I like critical listening and paying attention to the details, so since my Dynaudio Airs have been out of service it’s been a real drag, my JBLs and Kali Audios just don’t cut it at all anymore.

What I remember of the Egg 150 system is that the separation & resolution of detail was really great. I’ll know in the coming days when they arrive if I remember correctly, will let people here know.

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