Multi outs on digitone

What can you do when you use a missing desk though?

I have a digitone, and I use all 4 engines, it goes through a mixing desk as a stereo pair but I’d like it to go through the mixing desk as 4 stereo pairs - or at least 2 mono tracks and 2 stereo pairs.
Would this be possible?

I wish there was some break out box or something where you could feed the stereo outs of the digitone into a box and it splits them to 4 seperate stereo pairs.

If you need hardware multi-outs, you might want to upgrade to the Digitone Keys :sweat_smile:
Otherwise, software multi-outs can be achieved using Overbridge.

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Not sure they actually prepared this marketing path, this is usually the story we -users- want to write after the facts :yum:.
The upgraded features probably came from user feedbacks (“I wish there was a Digitone keyboard version” + “I wish it had multi outs”) and the overall success of the module version.

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There will always be new versions though and it’s not like keys owners are getting something extra for free. There is a pretty significant price difference between the module and the keys version. We should be happy that there is a choice.


How dope would it be if, in the future, the DN and DT could use class-compliant soundcards via USB to put out multitrack audio? Daaaaaamn.


On Mac, I just go to Audio Midi setup and I can have my Apollo, my Scarlett 2i2, my Digitone and my Digitakt all connected as an Aggregate device. I get audio input from all of them simultaneously (track streaming for DT and DN) with no latency and I can pick the output

:smiley: Its really great

But when?! Seems like I am anout to return my Digitone, coz I don’t have a mixer

Public beta version of Overbridge is here:

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Well, maybe I’m nuts
But the official page says: Overbridge for Digitone will be free of charge, and become available at a later date.

I guess, it’s not that date yet, right? I can’t see any options available for Digitone, like the one VST I have for Digitakt

It’s available now

Go to the link posted

thanks, I will try right away! =) appreciate your prompt reply!

thanks man! =)

The production version of Overbridge is at version 1.x and does not support Digitone.

The public beta version of Overbridge 2.x, which supports Digitone and is reportedly working well for most users, is at the link I posted above.

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Gonna try out tonight and post a feedback here for all of those unfortunate guys like me =)

well, still not solved.
Can someone guide me please?

I owe:

Focusrite 2i4 audio interface
Ableton Live 10.1

Now I can clearly see my Digitone in overbridge idle window.
But how can I get the sound out of it, if no standalone available?
Do I need some TRS or midi cables in addition?

Thanks in advance!

You must put the digitone in overbridge mode in the system settings on the digitone .
You don’t need trs or midi everything works from USB
And you must load the digitone plugin in ableton.
It puts the vst plugins in the steinberg folder by default find them and put them in your vst folder


yeah, I have actually put the DN in the Overbridge mode available in the settings menu.
Am I getting you right, that the VST for DN is set up automatically? Coz the one for Digitakt can be easily found in the regular VST section of Ableton, among the other VST’s

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and many thanks for your kind advice! =)