Multi outs on digitone

Anyone know if this is possible?

Maybe some kind of breakout box you could connect that splits the audio into 4 stereo signals?

Seems such a shame that all 4 engines come out of 1 stereo pair.


You can use overbridge (public beta) to get multiple outputs


in the “OB for linux” thread, there is talk about a possibility to create a simple raspberry pi device for streaming individual overbridge channels out from the USB 2.0 speed elektron boxes. When ob for DN is released, you might be able to DIY one up, if you’re handy with raspberry pi etc and can DIY

You’d need 4 DA converters though, and output jacks etc in addition to the pi board… Unless you just want to dump the tracks to PCM


Is the VST available and working ? I thought it was still unavailable, as stated on the website:

The Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta offers audio over USB functionality for all Overbridge-enabled devices and both Standalone Editor and VST Plugin for Mac and Windows for: Digitakt, Analog Heat, Analog Four, Analog Rytm and Analog Keys. The Digitone Standalone Editor and Plugin are currently in development and will be released at a later date.

Or can you multi-out without the VST ?

Yes, you can. You can either use the standalone version of OB2 or configure your DAW to use the OB2 soundcard driver.


Don’t you think that the Digitone input volume via USB are much lower? Or it’s me?

Thats interesting, never knew that. Thanks all :slight_smile:

I record through a desk and other gear so sadly the USB route wouldn’t work for me - unless i routed the digitone via usb, split it 4 ways via over bridge, then took those out of the computer, through my gear, and back in again on 4 separate channels.

Its a bit of a work around and a slight pain as I would have to use more outputs.

I wonder if that would be possible?

Or you can grab another RPi style bord that has an audio interface and other stuff already. There are many out there. I’m using Banana Pi and Orange Pi as well as boards stripped from old media boxes.


Didn’t realise it has to be multi-out. Then an interface is needed or some pricier expansion for the GPIO slot.

HDMI supports 8 uncompressed audio out streams, and I’ve heard of some folks taking advantage of that to get pretty dramatic cable reduction. Food for thought :]

Wow ok interesting.

Why would you use hdmi? I might be missing a point here.

For me, I want to route the 4 stereo tracks out of the digitone, into OB or ableton, back out and into my mixing desk, then I can record all 4 back in seperatly via my mixing desk.

Is that even possible?

Of course this is possible. But these separate tracks doesn’t have the effects on them, because the effects on the Digitone are send effects (no separate effects on the tracks).

You’d need a multi output audio card/interface , and you’d do the routing in ableton / audio card control panel. Something like Scarlett 18i8

Unless your mixing desk is usb and modern.
Digitone overbridge should route 4xstereo ,fx and inputs into daw , I think olle from elektron confirmed that. Digitakt etc are doing it.

On digitakt you can route audio (dry) and stereo fx separately into daw at same time

Great guy thanks. My mixing desk is an old Allen and heath gl2400 so no usb.
My audio interface is 2 x focusrite Safire pro 40’s chained together.

Interesting about the fx. Are you saying the fx can be sent out of the digitone as a seperate channel? So essentially I’d have 5 channels to route?

I will explore fully in the next few days.

I hope latency won’t be a problem when I route the tracks out of the digitone, into ableton and back out into the mixing desk.

In a way, yes. You can set it up, so that the main outs only carry the combined fx (= fx of all track sounds) and not the track sounds itself.


Hey - would you mind elaborating on this? I’m using ableton, and when I select the digitone as the audio input in preferences, I only see a single stereo input or two mono inputs (1/2 vs 1 or 2). I’ve checked out Overbridge Control Panel and can get individual out readings there, but have no idea how to produce individual outs in Ableton. I’ve looked through the manuals - I’m running latest Digitone OS and OB 2.011.2. Thanks!

Ah, sorry. Mixed the devices up. It’s not yet possible, because the Overbridge VST for Digitone is not available in public Beta (but only in private Beta).

It’s coming soon.


Have you opened input config in Ableton and activated the rest of the Digitone inputs? They won’t be available otherwise.

I use digitakt as a soundcard in ableton. 12 inputs, 2 outs… then i connected digitone via overhub… how i can use dn 4+ channels and a dt 8+ channels in ableton at the same time?

My bad)) spending more time in ableton works great!) if you want to use separate channels from elektron devices, use overbridge vst/au plugins, then add additional audio channels and route its inputs to ob vst/au. You see there be a separate tracks for all devices.

Anyone have any luck getting multi outs in Pure data?

I’m looking at the “audio in” in Pure data and I find the main audio coming in on channels 1 and 2. However, I can’t find the separate track sounds on any of the other channels.