Multi outs on digitone


Anyone know if this is possible?

Maybe some kind of breakout box you could connect that splits the audio into 4 stereo signals?

Seems such a shame that all 4 engines come out of 1 stereo pair.



You can use overbridge (public beta) to get multiple outputs


in the “OB for linux” thread, there is talk about a possibility to create a simple raspberry pi device for streaming individual overbridge channels out from the USB 2.0 speed elektron boxes. When ob for DN is released, you might be able to DIY one up, if you’re handy with raspberry pi etc and can DIY

You’d need 4 DA converters though, and output jacks etc in addition to the pi board… Unless you just want to dump the tracks to PCM


Is the VST available and working ? I thought it was still unavailable, as stated on the website:

The Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta offers audio over USB functionality for all Overbridge-enabled devices and both Standalone Editor and VST Plugin for Mac and Windows for: Digitakt, Analog Heat, Analog Four, Analog Rytm and Analog Keys. The Digitone Standalone Editor and Plugin are currently in development and will be released at a later date.

Or can you multi-out without the VST ?


Yes, you can. You can either use the standalone version of OB2 or configure your DAW to use the OB2 soundcard driver.


Don’t you think that the Digitone input volume via USB are much lower? Or it’s me?


Thats interesting, never knew that. Thanks all :slight_smile:

I record through a desk and other gear so sadly the USB route wouldn’t work for me - unless i routed the digitone via usb, split it 4 ways via over bridge, then took those out of the computer, through my gear, and back in again on 4 separate channels.

Its a bit of a work around and a slight pain as I would have to use more outputs.

I wonder if that would be possible?


Or you can grab another RPi style bord that has an audio interface and other stuff already. There are many out there. I’m using Banana Pi and Orange Pi as well as boards stripped from old media boxes.


Didn’t realise it has to be multi-out. Then an interface is needed or some pricier expansion for the GPIO slot.