Class Compliancy on the Elektron boxes

My understanding of CC is that it basically allows things to run without dedicated drivers, which is why my iPad can easily hook up to things like my Focusrite 18i20 and make use of all the inputs on that interface. With the Elektron boxes now having CC and being able to connect to the iPad, why can’t they also stream multitrack over the iPad? If my iPad can access all the IO on my soundcards, what’s to stop it from being able to access the multitrack streams on the Elektron stuff? I know I’m probably missing some big thing here, but damn would I love to be able to multitrack my DN and DT on my iPad.

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That would be super incredible especially to pipe into something like AUM where you could apply separate processing per channel and then record to AudioShare.

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That is EXACTLY what I’m looking to do! I really don’t want to have to buy another multiIO soundcard for my iPad!

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I don’t know much about how this would work, but I’d think a firmware upgrade could maybe make this possible? Like if the audio interface can have inputs split software wise, over presumably USB C, I’d think the same should be possible over USB from M:C. But maybe the type of USB the M:C is has certain bandwidth considerations? I’m not knowledgeable enough with this stuff lol…

There are a few topics which touch on this general topic subject

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which is why my iPad can easily hook up to things like my Focusrite 18i20 and make use of all the inputs on that interface.

Those things are independent. Being able to access multiple channels is unrelated to not needing dedicated drivers.

Being class compliant is why your iPad can easily hook up to it. But it’s not why all inputs are available independently, that’s just because that’s how the Focusrite is designed.

A device can be a class compliant audio device that only provides a stereo signal. There’s no reason that class compliant means it has to expose all the voices as separate channels.


Oh I figured there’s no reason CC automatically means multi streaming, but I figured since it’d doable over CC, maybe we could get it here!

Overbridge for iOS? One way of Elektron recouping the development fee for Overbridge (Overbridge was originally to be available to purchase, but was so late to be released they were forced to give it away free)


Possible my XR18 is class compliant and maps through all the Inputs and outputs automatically may be a hardware thing

When you compare how Overbridge and class compliant multichannel USB audio works on the protocol level, you’ll find that Overbridge is much more lightweight.

Overbridge uses a single data stream which contains the data of all audio channels “weaved together”, while USB audio requires separate data streams for each audio channel.

Handling separate data streams with rock solid timing requires a lot more “attention” from the processor than a single large data stream.

So in the end the question why the Elektron devices don’t provide class compliant multichannel USB audio boils down to a cpu performance issue.


does class compliance mean stuff will should work on linux?

i’m doing the (extremely painful yet soothing) move from osx to linux. elektron boxes work great (i don’t use overbridge) but my focusrite only registers if it’s plugged in at boot time. my work-around is to never unplug it, but this means it’s not fully compatible and/or buggy.

if class compliance means it should work on linux, i’m a good position for a refund. the support guy is telling me it’s only class compliant on osx & windows. i’m wondering if he’s bullshitting me?

Just a thought: Does your linux distro claim to support class-compliant USB ?

valid point. it’s pop/ubuntu/debian.
i googled a bit not sure.
everything else works (don’t you hate that argument?)

If there’s something Linux is efficient at it is being class compliant.
Since developers rarely develop towards Linux in addition of Osx/Windows, it’s been since the early years linux people are developing work arounds, non proprietary drivers and being class compliant is the least. Usually the challenge is to find class compliant hardware.
In my experience, class compliant hardware has always worked in several distributions.

This makes think about a configuration issue ob your side. If it works under certain circumstances, i would not accuse the hardware but 5e software. In your case, i’d check your audio settings. It might be many things: permissions? are you using Jack? How is it set?

if class compliance is a standard, then saying it’s class compliant but only on osx and windows kinda suggests it’s not really compliant.

i have less of a problem with a partially functioning device than i do with false advertising.

i don’t use jack but i want to. haven’t had the need. i’m just getting started.

very interesting. syslog says kmix: no mix devices and not dynamic

so i kill kmix and now it works. kmix did not respawn. i guess that was the problem.

Right. The guy who said that doesn’t knows what he’s talking about.

As I said earlier, if it works once then it is not a hardware issue.
Then it is indeed the first move to check the error log.

I strongly suggest you to install Jack and use Cadence to manage it.